Safest countries in the world revealed with this surprising country making the list

The safest countries in the world have been collated by Which? Travel using statistics from a number of reports. Using crime rate data from the World Economic Fund, natural disaster risks from the World Risk Report and health risks from the NHS Fit for Travel advice, the top 20 safest places with the lowest crime […]

Tucker Carlson says the man he’s accused of assaulting at a Virginia country club called his teenage daughter a ‘w—-‘

Richard Drew/AP After the celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of assaulting a “gay Latino immigrant,” Carlson said in a statement to Business Insider that he never assaulted the man and that the individual verbally harassed his teenage daughter at a country club. Carlson said the man stopped his daughter when […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s secret trip to this country – with awkward repercussions

Prince Harry, 34, joined his wife Meghan Markle, 37, on a recent trip to Amsterdam. The pair decided to head to the city to stay at the newly launched Soho House Amsterdam, a favourite of Meghan’s. They reportedly not just stayed at the hotel but also experienced pampering treatments, as well as a boat ride […]

How the World's Most Murderous Country Halved Its Killings in Five Years

In 2012, Honduras didn’t just have the worst homicide rate in the world — it was also witnessing murders more than twice as frequently as the nation with the next worst record, Belize. More than 90 Hondurans out of every 100,000 were murdered that year, compared to 43 in Belize and 42 in El Salvador, […]

The Poorest Country in Europe Has the Most Women in Tech

When Bulgarian Tatyana Mitkova co-founded her business — ClaimCompass, which helps dissatisfied airline passengers get compensation — she found exactly what you’d expect from the startup sector: Most of the industry’s other founders and investors were male. As the tech industry worldwide attempts to shake off its hoodie-wearing White man image, Bulgaria has become one […]

Is it safe to travel to Japan? Latest update as powerful typhoon batters country

Japan has been struck by a “very strong” storm known as Typhoon Trami resulting in thousands of people being evacuated as 100mph winds batter the island nation. This is the latest travel advice to Japan. Western areas of Japan’s main island of Honshu lie in the direct path of the storm which is now lashing […]

Property News: Country bolthole with chic and good cheer

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reported to have signed a two-year lease on a cottage in Great Tew, a picture-perfect village on Lord and Lady Bamford’s Great Tew Estate on the Oxfordshire border with Gloucestershire.  Lady Bamford created Daylesford Organic Farm – a farmshop, restaurant, café and garden shop with a spa attached […]

Queen Elizabeth travelled to this country as a princess – yet left as a Queen

Queen Elizabeth, 92, has travelled extensively during her 66-year-reign. However, before she took the throne, she undertook a foreign tour on behalf of her father, King George VI, who was too ill to travel. Joined by her husband Prince Philip, the pair were in one particular country on 6 February in 1952 when the news […]

Measuring happiness: Is Bhutan really the world’s happiest country?

Share this article A viable philosophy or government propaganda? Bhutan is often praised for measuring its worth by citizens’ happiness alongside its economy, but can a country really calculate happiness—and if so, how? I’m meandering along the world’s friendliest road. Hand-painted boulders remind drivers to “peep peep, don’t sleep,” and, a few hundred meters later, […]

Prince Harry's surprising connection with Meghan Markle in this country

Meghan Markle, 37, and Prince Harry, 33, will undertake their first overseas tour as a married couple later this year. They will visit Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji to coincide with the Invictus Games in Sydney. The couple has travelled to many countries before they met, however, as both are keen explorers. There is […]