Millions of people around the world have fled their home countries and become refugees — here’s what they go through to make it to the US

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images Millions of people around the world have been forced from their home countries due to war, genocide, or persecution. They come from conflict-ridden countries like Syria, Somalia, and Sudan, and they wait for years in refugee camps before they can secure a spot in safe countries. The United States takes in just […]

Most dangerous countries in the world for women – you’ll never guess what’s in 10th place

Most dangerous countries in the world for women have been named in a 2018 survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. India was ranked in first place followed by war-torn Afghanistan and Syria. Most surprising is that the US was revealed as the tenth most dangerous country for women on the planet. Around 550 experts on […]

Why countries like Argentina and Turkey fret about exchange rates

IMAGINE if Milton Friedman had been put in charge of a central bank, only to lose his job for expanding the money supply too quickly. Or if Robert Shiller, the Nobel-prizewinning author of “Irrational Exuberance”, were given a similar post, only to depart having allowed a stockmarket bubble to inflate. That is the kind of […]

MAPPED: Avoid taking prescription medication to these countries – or risk imprisonment

Tourists travelling abroad who need medication may be breaking the law, even if it is prescribed. Common medicine that can be bought over the counter, even flu medication or cold tablets could fall foul of the rules. A number of tourists travelling to popular holiday destinations such as Dubai and Egypt have found themselves in […]

Safest countries in the world REVEALED – you’ll never guess where the UK came

The safest countries in the world have been ranked in a new study with Egypt coming out as safer than Britain in the shock results.  The UK came just 21st out of 135 countries while Egypt beat Britain by several points to 16th place. The figures – from the annual Gallup Global Law and Order report […]

In developing countries, many people cannot afford not to work

No time for tweeting AMERICA’S unemployment statistics attract close attention, even from presidents. Early on June 1st President Donald Trump tweeted that he was looking forward to the latest figure (3.8%), released that morning. China’s unemployment numbers, by contrast, attract mostly ridicule. They have barely budged since 2011 despite the upheavals of the period. Many […]

Labour laws in 104 countries reserve some jobs for men only

EVEN as rich countries seek to rid workplaces of subtle gender bias, in many developing ones discrimination remains overt. According to the World Bank, women are barred from certain jobs in 104 countries (see map). “Gender equality in labour law is associated with more women working and earning more relative to men,” says Sarah Iqbal […]

These solar panels can pull clean drinking water out of the air — and they’ve spread to 10 countries around the world

Zero Mass Water  Zero Mass Water makes solar panel arrays that pull clean drinking water from the air. The $ 4,500 arrays launched in the United States in late 2017. Now they’re expanding to Australia thanks to a $ 420,000 grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Zero Mass arrays could come in handy in […]