Antiques Roadshow: Fiona Bruce reveals YOU could be sitting on £100k – find out here

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team continued to scour the country in pursuit of hidden treasures, returning to Cardiff Castle in the Welsh capital. In the Victorian gothic setting, presenter Fiona met with Chris, a representative from the Royal Mint to deliver the news they are on the search for a rare 1933 penny […]

Driver WARNING – The car technology that could land you £1,000 if used incorrectly

New cars are becoming increasingly safer and packed full of technology. Certain technologies known as driver assistance systems can help the driver prevent accidents and crashes while on the road, such as automatic braking which takes action autonomously to reduce the impact of a collision or stop it occurring altogether. Other systems such as lane […]

As Health Suffers, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne Could Be Replaced Today

Several news agencies are reporting that Sergio Marchionne, the colorful chief executive who returned Fiat, and then a combined Fiat Chrysler, to profitability, might not end the day as CEO. Marchionne, who took the helm of Fiat in 2004, was due to retire next April, and recently unveiled the automaker’s upcoming five-year product plan. Two […]

DARPA’s insect-sized SHRIMP robots could aid disaster relief

DARPA’s efforts to propel military technology forward often manifest in a diverse fashion, spanning everything from drone submarine development to a biostasis program that aims to buy more time to rescue soldiers on the battlefield. The SHRIMP program, short for SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms, is another potentially life-saving initiative that is being designed to navigate […]

Android WARNING: Could users have to pay for Google software after huge EU fine?

Yesterday Google was hit with the whopping fine by the European Commission. The Brussels regulator insisted the tech giant had used Android illegally to “cement its dominant position” in user searches. It was argued that Google requiring Android phone manufacturers to pre-install its Chrome browser and Search app had allowed it to gain an unfair […]

The hidden danger while driving on a hot day that could cause health problems

Across the UK, motorists are unaware that they could be giving themselves sun damage while driving.  New research has revealed how drivers could be at risk and that you’re more likely to be damaged on the right-hand side as it is the most exposed to the sun. An experiment conducted by and skin cancer charity Melanoma […]

Stomach bloating: This exercise could get rid of trapped wind – do it from your own home

Stomach bloating has affected most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS. The condition can leave the stomach feeling uncomfortable, stretched, and even painful. But patients could relieve their bloating pain by doing some exercises, it’s been revealed. Stair-climbing could help to get rid of trapped wind. The exercise helps gas […]

Elon Musk could face lawsuit for calling cave rescuer a “pedo guy”

Enlarge / Elon Musk speaks onstage at SXSW on March 11, 2018 in Austin, Texas. (credit: Getty Images | Diego Donamaria ) A diver who helped rescue boys trapped in a Thailand cave may sue Elon Musk after the tech billionaire called the rescuer a “pedo guy.” Diver Vernon Unsworth was instrumental in the rescue, […]

Diabetes: This food could help lower your blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 2 sufferers could lower their blood sugar by eating cucumber, an organisation has suggested. The nutritious vegetable could help sufferers as it contains a lot of fibre, said the Diabetes Council online, an organisation run by diabetes experts. “Eating a lot of fibre can lower blood sugar,” they said. “Fibre slows down digestion […]