Hospitals profiting from private cord blood bank didn’t disclose financial ties to patients

Two Toronto hospitals that have a financial relationship with a private company that banks blood from babies’ umbilical cords say they need to be more upfront about their affiliation after an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate raised questions about their practices.

Roku lays out its plan to please cord cutters — and advertisers

Now that Roku is a publicly traded company, it has to release quarterly updates about how things are going. Today in its first Q4 earnings release (PDF), the company said that revenue is up 28 percent from last year to $ 188 million, while the number of active accounts grew from 13.4 million to 19.3 […]

Sling TV touts 2.2 million subscribers as cord cutting continues

With how popular cord-cutting is, you’d think more services would be keen to share their subscriber stats. Dish pulled back the curtain today and revealed that its Sling TV service has some 2.2 million folks paying for the service. That’s compared to just over 11 million Dish satellite customers. Those numbers don’t mean a ton […]

HyperX’s Cloud Flight wireless headset drops the cord but keeps the quality

HyperX is at a point where when it announces a new gaming peripheral, people pay attention. It started with its excellent Cloud headset, and it continues with the company’s long-awaited move into wireless audio with the Cloud Flight. Kingston’s gaming division debuted the Cloud Flight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, […]

Cord cutting isn’t just for Millennials — even 50-somethings want their internet TV (NFLX)

Cord cutting has long been linked to Millennials — but maybe not for much longer. For years, many in that age group have forsaken traditional broadcast and cable TV in favor of watching shows streamed from the internet. Now that activity is catching on with Millennials’ elders. As we can see in this chart from […]

Richard Branson remembers the time he let a helicopter drag him across Sydney Harbor by bungee cord for a publicity stunt — and nearly ran face-first into a bridge

Tony Woolliscroft/Getty In the following excerpt from “Finding My Virginity,” Richard Branson recounts his experience during one of Virgin Mobile’s publicity stunts. In 2000, he was tied to a helicopter by bungee cord and flew 100 feet below it across the Sydney Harbor. Mid-flight, he realized he was headed straight toward the side of the […]

TV Bits: Cord Cutting, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Flintstones’, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: Cord cutting has reached new heights Seth MacFarlane‘s The Flintstones show probably isn’t happening Sabrina, a Riverdale spin-off, is currently in the works New photos from The Walking Dead season 8 The Exorcist season 2 debuts a new featurette And more! Variety cites a research report that says the rate of cord […]

There’s a $100 million plan to end paralysis with a synthetic spinal cord

Istockphoto/S.Kaulitzki Some say experience is the best teacher, and for Hugh Herr, that has definitely been the case. His experience with disability and subsequent need for prosthetics compelled him to develop what could be the world’s most advanced type of bionics. Now, the researcher and bionics expert is the co-director of the Center for Extreme […]