Russian ban on blood-chilling ‘contact baiting’ of hunting dogs comes into force

Following heated discussion and a conflict between the upper and lower chambers of parliament, Russia has eventually introduced the law banning ‘live baiting’ – the training of hunting dogs using live captured wild animals. The changes were announced on Tuesday on the Russian State Duma’s website. The bill was passed by the State Duma in […]

Yulia Skripal issues statement via British police, asks cousin not to contact her

Yulia Skripal has refused contact with the Russian Embassy and her Moscow-based cousin, Viktoria, and asked for no one else to speak on her behalf, in a statement released by Scotland Yard after she was discharged from hospital. Despite leaving Salisbury hospital on Monday, Skripal said that she is “still suffering with the effects of […]

Real Madrid contact Man Utd with Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba transfer bombshells

Real Madrid and Manchester United’s transfer relationship has deteriorated ever since David De Gea’s failed move to the Bernabeu in 2015. On that occasion, the Red Devils angered their La Liga counterparts by refusing to file the paperwork on time – in an act that consequently forced a deal to fall through. At the moment, […]

Qatar says it has not been in contact with Mueller about Kushner’s business dealings

Thomson Reuters Qatar said Saturday that it has not been in contact with the special counsel Robert Mueller or the US government “on any matters” or “any related investigations.” The statement came after reports surfaced that Mueller is probing senior adviser Jared Kushner’s business dealings with foreign countries, including Qatar, during and after the presidential […]

Fear robots, not aliens: Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku predicts ET contact

Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku believes that humans will make contact with alien civilization this century, but expects they will be largely peaceful – unlike robots, which pose a greater threat to humanity. Kaku made the revelations during a Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything), where intrigued users asked questions relating to artificial intelligence and […]

Resistbot is ready to contact your senator when you tweet

Launched early last year as a form of resistance against the Trump administration, Resistbot allows anyone to send faxes to their congressional representatives. Now the service is headed to Twitter, which makes a lot of sense given the service’s rise in stature with our head tweeter-in-chief. All you need to do is send the word […]

Glucose-tracking smart contact lens is comfortable enough to wear

The concept of a smart contact lens has been around for a while. To date, though, they haven’t been all that comfortable: they tend to have electronics built into hard substrates that make for a lens which can distort your vision, break down and otherwise cause discomfort. A team of Korean scientists might just come […]

Maestro glove hands-on: Facebook, HTC should take note of Contact CI’s haptics

Everyone does it the first time they try VR. It doesn’t matter if it’s a static 360 image, a passive 360 video, an immersive VR experience, or a fast-paced VR game, everyone reaches out with their hands in an attempt to touch the virtual world. This happens a lot on the Samsung Gear VR with […]

Man City contact Arsenal over Alexis Sanchez deal with £30m transfer possible THIS WEEK

Etihad chiefs have made contact with the Gunners to establish if a deal can be done in this transfer window. And there are two main reasons behind Manchester City‘s motivation to accelerate the deal – despite Sanchez being available for free in the summer. City boss Pep Guardiola wants to bring the move forward after […]