Nintendo Switch news: Good news and bad as analysts back Pro console release

Nintendo has seen great sales for some of its top Switch exclusive games in 2018. These titles can’t be played on any other system and have helped keep up the sales momentum behind the hybrid console. The Nintendo Switch has been backed to surpass both the Xbox One and PS4 in 2019 in terms of […]

‘Console Wars’ novel is being developed into a TV series

Console Wars, the non-fiction novel by Blake J. Harris on Nintendo and Sega’s rivalry throughout the 1990s, is in development as a limited TV series, Deadline reports. It will be produced by Legendary Television, behind the upcoming Netflix series Lost in Space, and Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures. There’s no word yet on whether it […]

What developers say Apple needs to do to make the Apple TV a gaming console

Enlarge / The Apple TV 4K and remote. (credit: Samuel Axon) As we observed in our review last year, the Apple TV 4K has so much potential for gaming. Its hardware is actually pretty powerful given the type of device it is. It shares development tools and infrastructure with one of the most successful gaming […]

Google game console LEAK: Google plan HUGE rival to Sony Playstation and Xbox

Google could be about to wade into the console war if recent leaks over a potential new games console are true.  Developed under Google’s new gaming-focussed subdivision Yeti, Google is reported to be launching their own console in the coming years, with a games streaming service similar to the Netflix model.  News that Google could […]

Nintendo says Switch won’t get Virtual Console classic game downloads

Enlarge / Don’t expect to see a screen like this on the Switch. With Nintendo offering a selection of 20 downloadable NES games as part of its newly announced Nintendo Switch Online service, starting in September, many have been wondering if the company is planning to revive its Virtual Console selection of emulated classic game […]

Nintendo Switch games SHOCK: Big title for the hybrid console coming soon

Playing games on the go, or even just away from a desk or couch, can always help boost a title’s desirability. While some games have taken fans by surprise, think Fortnite Mobile, by their quality when launched on a new platform, others have underperformed. The Nintendo Switch has see a lot of new ports announced […]

Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Digital Extremes “examining possibilities” of games console

Warframe has built a loyal following based around its addictive gameplay and free-to-play model. It can be downloaded on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a lot of new content being planned for 2018. Sheldon Carter, COO at developers Digital Extremes, recently spoke to on the game’s enduring popularity in such a saturated market. […]

The Mac gaming console time has forgot

Enlarge / Nope, that’s not an Xbox, Playstation, or even a Dreamcast… (credit:’s Museum) Apple in mid-1993 was reeling. Amidst declining Mac sales, Microsoft had gained a stranglehold over the PC industry. Worse, the previous year Apple had spent $ 600 million on research and development, on products such as laser printers, powered speakers, […]