‘Peace and joy in 2019’: Iran’s foreign minister tweets Christmas congratulations

Iran’s foreign minister tweeted an English language Christmas message, wishing ‘peace and joy’ in 2019. Christians are free to practice in the Islamic republic, but promoting conversions from Islam are illegal. Zarif, who often sends political messages via twitter, and even argues with the US President (link), used a line from the Koran to congratulate […]

Congratulations, America. Here were some of your dumbest hurricane ideas

Enlarge / Coast Guard and Air Force personnel remove supplies and gear from an Air Force HC-130 aircraft in Opalocka, Florida, on September 9. They risk their lives to save yours. (credit: US Coast Guard) I’ve spent the better part of the last month forecasting and writing about hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and between my work […]

Hillary Clinton took a swing at the media in her congratulations to French election winner

Reuters/Carlos Barria Hillary Clinton congratulated Emmanuel Macron on winning the French presidential election on Sunday, and snuck in a jab at the media while she was at it. “Victory for Macron, for France, the EU, & the world. Defeat to those interfering w/democracy. (But the media says I can’t talk about that),” Clinton said on […]

Trump is getting slammed for saying ‘congratulations’ to a Purple Heart recipient

Shawn Thew/Getty Images President Donald Trump raised more than a few eyebrows during his first visit as president to Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday when he awarded the Purple Heart to Army Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos. “When I heard about this, I wanted to do it myself,” Trump told Barrientos as he […]