Harley-Davidson shows off adventure, streetfighter and cruiser motorcycle concepts

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Green,Motorcycle,Concept Cars,Electric,Future,Off-Road,Performance Along with a massive push into electric bikes starting in 2019. Continue reading Harley-Davidson shows off adventure, streetfighter and cruiser motorcycle concepts Harley-Davidson shows off adventure, streetfighter and cruiser motorcycle concepts originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 30 Jul 2018 16:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms […]

2 more Hybrid Kinetic-Pininfarina concepts due in Beijing

The partnership between Italy’s Pininfarina design house and Hong Kong-based electric vehicle supplier Hybrid Kinetic Group will bring two new concept vehicles to the Auto China Show in Beijing April 25, including an electric sedan teased in a pair of photos. It’s called the H500, and the design house says it features “leading edge technology […]

Jeep previews Easter Jeep Safari concepts, and one is called Jeepster

Easter is coming up, which is a big deal for both Christians and Jeep fans. The latter of which are excited because the annual Easter Jeep Safari off-road event in Moab is coming, along with Jeep’s wild concepts it builds for the event each year. We’re getting an sneak peek at two of those Jeeps […]

BlackBerry sues Facebook, arguing it owns basic messaging concepts

Enlarge / The BlackBerry KeyOne, a 2017 phone that was manufactured under license by a Chinese company, TCL. (credit: Ron Amadeo) BlackBerry, the once-great smartphone maker that exited the hardware business in 2016, is suing Facebook for patent infringement. BlackBerry owns a portfolio of broad software patents that cover some of the most basic features […]

How to Explain Difficult And Abstract Concepts (The Smart Way)

Albert Einstein said, If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. But a lot of times, we struggle about how to explain some difficult, or even abstract concepts to others. In this article, I will provide you with a solution: metaphor. Explaining and examining concepts using metaphors improves our thinking. Metaphorical thinking […]

BisiMoab? Hyundai’s Two Best SEMA Concepts Go for Mileage and the Boondocks

– While Hyundai brought a pair of pretty standard tuner cars to the 2017 SEMA show, it also displayed a couple of weird ones, and the brand’s stand was all the better for it. Bisimoto Engineering’s HyperEconiq Ioniq takes performance engineering and puts it in the service of efficiency, while Rockstar Performance Garage’s Santa Fe Sport […]

Some of our favorite Ford truck and SUV concepts coming to SEMA

Ford’s booth at SEMA is going to be a packed one this year. The company already revealed four custom Focus hatches and six modded Mustangs that will be on display. Now the company has announced another 11 trucks and SUVs that will sit alongside the cars. Among them are Expeditions, F-150s, F-250s, and a lone […]