Google Play malware used phones’ motion sensors to conceal itself

Enlarge (credit: Andri Koolme / Flickr) Malicious apps hosted in the Google Play market are trying a clever trick to avoid detection—they monitor the motion-sensor input of an infected device before installing a powerful banking trojan to make sure it doesn’t load on emulators researchers use to detect attacks. The thinking behind the monitoring is […]

Pennsylvania AG says Vatican helped conceal abuse of over 1,000 children

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has revealed the Vatican was well aware of the massive cover-up of dozens of sex crimes against children in the state’s dioceses, since the bishops shared their secret archives with Rome. In another spin on the widening Pennsylvania church scandal, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro told the CBS show This Morning […]

Dark money secrets: NRA, Planned Parenthood & others can now conceal donors

Great news for the NRA and other non-profits looking to hide their influence on US democracy: Dark money political organizations will no longer have to disclose where their money is coming from, the Treasury Department announced. The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Monday that politically active nonprofit groups like the NRA and […]

Trump’s ‘absurd efforts to conceal his hair loss’ were revealed for a brief moment — and it helps solve the mystery of his hair

AP/Carolyn Kaster A new video features a gust of wind ruffled President Trump’s carefully placed hair. The video seems to displace a flap of hair that covers a bald spot in the back of his head. This seems to confirm the theory Trump had an early hair transplant. Many have wondered, but nobody knows what […]

Proposed Senate bill could send execs who conceal breaches to jail

A re-introduced Senate bill is addressing a timely topic, by making it a crime — punishable by up to five years in prison — if companies knowingly conceal a breach of customer information. After a slew of cyber attacks (like the one on Equifax) and news that Uber concealed a breach impacting some 57 million […]

Login-stealing phishing sites conceal their evil with lots of hyphens in URL

Researchers at PhishLabs recently spotted a trend emerging in malicious web sites presented to customers: mobile-focused phishing attacks that attempt to conceal the true domain they were served from, by padding the subdomain address with enough hyphens to push the actual source of the page outside the address box on mobile browsers. “The tactic we’re seeing […]