The TV Movie Adaptation of Zadie Smith’s May Flatten the Author’s Literary Experimentation — Yet it Remains Wholly Compelling

The critical generalization typically goes that movies that are too loyal to their book source material can seem more like live action summaries — jumping from important moment to important moment without ever stopping to breathe — than their own artistic statements. (Thus the argument that series adaptations are the superior form to be extracted […]

What it takes to build a compelling chatbot

GUEST: Here’s what we know: Chatbots have enormous potential. With bots, brands can have millions of simultaneous one-on-one conversations with fans without sacrificing the quality of the user’s experience. But not all chatbots are created equal, and not all chatbots were made for the same purpose. Today, there are two major categories of chatbots: utility […]

Fearless review: Helen McCrory is strangely compelling in this ITV drama

This is what happened with Emma Banville, played by Helen McCrory, in Fearless (ITV, Monday). We began with Banville saying goodbye to a Muslim woman living in her house whose husband had gone to Syria. From then on he was to be known as “mad mullah”. Topical tick: one. Then we discover that Banville has […]