The Italian Noble Who Conquered the Congo With Compassion

Their first meeting was a cordial affair. Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza (an Italian representing the French Third Republic) met Henry Morton Stanley (a Welsh-born American exploring on behalf of Belgium’s King Leopold II) at Stanley’s well-appointed camp in the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo in 1880. Despite the language barrier, the two shared a sumptuous […]

The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story review – A rallying call for compassion

She also dreamed of being a jazz trumpeter, a travel agent, a singer and even for a short period an astronomer. However, in the end she took a completely different path and aged 17 started training to become a nurse. “I didn’t realise then that I wanted to live many lives, to experience different ways […]

Breast cancer surgery patient advises medical students, ‘You need heart and you need compassion’

Toronto cancer patients are sharing their experiences with future surgeons, recounting the best and worst about their doctors and treatment, as part of a pilot program intended to get medical students engaged in conversations they won’t find in their textbooks.

The Heartrending Third Season of ‘American Crime’ is an Urgent Plea for Compassion

Early in the Season 3 premiere of the anthology series American Crime, airing on Sunday, social worker Kimara Walters (Regina King) tries to pay her cable bill but is told that because her account has been inactive for more than thirty days, the rate will double. Throughout the exchange, the camera remains fixed on Kimara’s face; we […]