India may tell companies to store cloud data inside the country

India might be the next country to insist that internet companies store users’ data inside its borders. Reuters has learned that a government cloud policy panel wants locally-generated data (including info about Indians) to be stored on servers within the country. The move would ostensibly make it easier for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to […]

Let’s Not Forget Where the Fuel Economy Rollback Leaves Oil Companies

The Trump administration’s ongoing endeavor to replace existing fuel economy mandates with something easier on automakers is a hot topic, but the issue has more angles than a rhombicosidodecahedron. One that took a backseat during much of our coverage is where the oil industry fits into all of this. We figured it was pretty obvious because, […]

Brussels slaps six Russian companies with Crimea-related sanctions

The European Union has extended sanctions against six Russian companies in connection with their work in Crimea and the construction of a bridge to the peninsula. According to the Official Journal of the EU, the sanctions will target construction engineering company Institute Giprostroymost, Russia’s largest heavy-construction company Mostotrest, engineering and construction corporation VAD ZAO, infrastructure […]

The New Way Companies Recruit on Campus

On move-in day at Michigan State University’s College of Engineering, freshmen and their parents discover something surprising. Mingling among the families and faculty are teams of volunteers from major companies like General Electric and Consumers Energy, helping students move in. Even more surprising, there’s a good chance the person schlepping futons up four flights of […]

Stop smoking: E-cigarettes are no better than regular cigarettes, say insurance companies

Stopping smoking cigarettes could be achieved by gradually reducing intake, or switching to alternatives like electronic cigarettes to help avoid the health risks. However, life insurance providers consider the switch to be just as bad as smoking. E-cigarettes along with patches and other nicotine products, are placed in the same bad as regular cigarettes, meaning […]

Over $250 billion has been ‘squandered’ by mining companies over the last 10 years

Gingerss/Shutterstock Global mining companies invested almost $ 1 trillion in major projects between 2008-2017. Despite strong industry conditions, almost one-third of that — $ 273 billion — was written off. Global mining companies have had a good run since the start of this century. But research from Morgan Stanley shows big miners weren’t averse to […]

6 new lingerie companies that are changing the industry — with inclusive sizes and a woman-led design process

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Victoria’s Secret isn’t as much of an industry stronghold as it once used to be.  New lingerie brands like ThirdLove and True&Co are increasingly popular, and it’s likely […]

New amendments order reporters working for 'foreign agent' companies to get same status

Russian MPs have prepared new amendments ordering reporters who receive money from foreign sources and promote the agenda of media outlets registered as ‘foreign agents’ to receive this status as private persons. The motion has been prepared by lawmakers from the majority party United Russia and leftist parliamentary opposition party Fair Russia and was presented […]