Colombia’s development bank has brought in private-sector discipline

Removing road blocks IT COSTS more to send a 40-foot container by road from Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, to Buenaventura on its Pacific coast than to ship it on from Buenaventura to Shanghai. According to the World Economic Forum, Colombia’s roads are among the worst in Latin America. For more than 20 years governments have tried […]

How the US got its first big break against Colombia’s Cali cartel in a Queens, New York, bathtub

(AP Photo) US authorities were mainly focused on heroin in the early 1970s. But cocaine, smuggled by Colombian groups, was growing in prominence, especially in the Northeast. A tip in 1978 would lead police in New York City to uncover the first sign of the Cali cartel’s burgeoning power. In the early 1970s, the newly […]

US officials are raising alarm over Colombia’s cocaine boom, but they may be ‘missing most of the picture’

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas Cocaine production is up 134% in Colombia. US officials have criticized the Colombian government for its response to that increase. But alienating Colombia could undermine relations with other countries in the region. US officials in Congress and the White House over the past week have expressed deep concern about developments in Colombia, where […]

Colombia’s biggest rebel group is handing over its weapons — and now it want to start a soccer team

© AFP/File EITAN ABRAMOVICH Bogota (AFP) – Demobilized fighters from Colombia’s leftist FARC rebels want to form a professional league football club, officials said Friday. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have disarmed under a peace deal after a half-century conflict and are transitioning to civil and political life. “We received about 10 days ago […]

Members of Colombia’s biggest rebel group are trying to join LinkedIn, but they’re struggling to connect

REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga With the ratification of a peace deal late last year and their move to demobilization camps earlier this year, Colombia’s left-wing FARC rebels are well into their transition from Colombia’s biggest rebel group to legitimate citizens and political actors. The shift from fugitives in their own country to normal Colombians has been fraught […]