Colliding stars or alien solar sails? Detection rate of mysterious space signals doubles

The detection of incredibly powerful signals from deep in space has increased dramatically and the mysterious radio waves are now closer and brighter than ever before. The phenomena, known as ‘fast radio bursts’, have puzzled scientists since their discovery more than a decade ago and now Australian researchers have announced, in a study published in […]

Aircraft passengers safe and accounted for after colliding with another jet at Toronto airport

@STEPHEN_BELFORD via Reuters A plane under tow struck an arriving jet that was waiting to park at Toronto’s Pearson Airport in Canada. A fire started and dozens of passengers were evacuated from the aircraft. All passengers and crew members were accounted for. Dozens of passengers were evacuated from an aircraft at Toronto’s Pearson Airport on […]

Colliding neutron stars apply kiss of death to theories of gravity

Enlarge / Neutron star mergers, the slayers of zombies. (credit: NASA) Theoreticians claim to love data. Data is the thing that allows them to test their theories and prove that they are right. Unfortunately for them, the data often doesn’t support the theory. In those cases, the data has just stabbed your labor of love right in […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping moment bike rider narrowly avoids colliding with THIS

Driving along winding roads on a picture perfect day is usually an activity that incites relaxation.  But for this motorbike rider, his scenic drive proved anything but.  Christopher Bull was zipping along Carmel Valley Road East in California when his speedy ride was shockingly interrupted.  From a camera attached to the front of his bike, […]