Book Excerpt: Two Young Lives Collide in ‘The Current’

Tim Johnston’s debut novel, 2015’s Descent, was both a critical success and a New York Times bestseller — so anticipation is obviously high for his newest book, The Current (out this week from Algonquin Books), a story of loss, survival, and buried secrets. But the ambitious author is up for the challenge. “The Current may differ […]

Christianity and conservationism collide in ‘Pangolin’s Puzzle’

Pangolin’s Puzzle is a new mobile game that offers a refreshing approach to the puzzle genre — instead of relying solely on spatial manipulation or number-based solves, it serves up written logic problems. Players manipulate patches of the environment on a grid, building landscapes according to descriptions of how each feature relates to one another. […]

AV and EV Collide, Revealing Apple’s Self-driving Car Program in Action

Accident reports sometimes reveal more than just who was at fault. A rear-end collision in Sunnyvale, California, last week was truly a product of our modern age — an electric car slamming into the back of what would have been a human-operated crossover, were it not owned by Apple. While the iPhone maker abandoned its Project […]

WATCH: Shocking moment two yachts COLLIDE during high school prom

The viral video was captured last week during a New Jersey high school prom. While docked in Hoboken, a chain reaction in the water ended up pushing the larger boat into the smaller one. In the video, the large boat is full of people on the very top deck. Suddenly, it pushes into the smaller […]

British passengers 'feared for their lives' as planes collide at airport

A plane packed with passengers returning from holiday was hit by a larger plane at an airport in Turkey yesterday. Travellers were left terrified when back of their aircraft was knocked by an airbus. The crash took place shortly after the Turkish Airlines A321 plane had landed at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport.  The aircraft was full […]

Chinese Grand Prix 2018: WATCH Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel COLLIDE in crazy move

After losing his place to Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel had some defending to do with Verstappen chasing him down. The Red Bull driver saw an opportunity to overtake the championship leader at the hairpin but the move did not go to plan. Verstappen dived down the inside late into the hairpin but didn’t leave enough room […]

The absolute best cosplay photos from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 — where tech and pop culture superfans collide

Melia Robinson/Business Insider Fans in cosplay, or role-playing costumes, invaded San Jose, California, for the third annual Silicon Valley Comic Con. The event, which Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak co-created, combines the Silicon Valley icon’s love of technology and pop culture. This year, we saw screen accurate supervillains, “Game of Thrones” queens, and video game heroes […]

At least 2 killed after 2 planes collide at Marion airport, Indiana (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

At least two people have been killed in an incident at the Marion Municipal Airport in Indiana, after two planes collided on the runway, according to local authorities. The deadly incident unfolded when a smaller plane that was taking off to the southeast clipped a larger plane that was landing from the north, the coroner, […]

Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua look set to collide in a $250 million super fight — and if it goes ahead, the winner will be clear

Getty Images Heavyweight boxers Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua look set to collide in a super fight this year. Both boxers are undefeated, hold at least one version of the heavyweight championship, and have explosive power. But should they share a ring in 2018, there will be only one winner — Anthony Joshua. After knocking […]