Michael Cohen’s taxi businesses that were used as collateral for a bank loan are reportedly on the FBI’s radar

AP Images The scope of the FBI’s raid on the offices of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, reportedly includes a look at Cohen’s taxi businesses. Cohen reportedly took out a business loan using his three taxi companies as collateral. Cohen may already be under investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign […]

‘Collateral’ Trailer: Carey Mulligan Heads to Netflix to Solve a Murder

Everyone wants in on that sweet Netflix original series action, including Carey Mulligan. The Drive actress is the latest big name to appear in a Netflix series as she headlines Collateral, a new drama which originally debuted on BBC Two. Below, the Collateral trailer sets up the central mystery of the show: the murder of a pizza delivery […]

‘Collateral Murder’: 10th anniversary of infamous airstrike that exposed US cover-up (VIDEO)

Published time: 12 Jul, 2017 09:05 On the 10th anniversary of the US military airstrike on Baghdad which killed at least a dozen people, RT looks back at the indiscriminate attack brought to light by WikiLeaks in ‘Collateral Murder.’ [embedded content] Whistleblower and former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning leaked the damning footage. She was […]

Zimbabweans could soon use livestock as collateral

Published time: 13 Apr, 2017 13:33 Zimbabwe wants to follow the lead of other African countries, Ukraine and Peru and start letting businesses use mobile assets, including livestock and vehicles, to secure loans from banks, Reuters reports. Read more The Movable Property Security Interest Bill, proposed by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa on Tuesday, is believed […]