The Chase: Viewers DISTRACTED as they spot strange coincidence – did you see?

The Chase had four new contestants face Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty tonight, all hoping to win part of the cash prize.  Bradley Walsh was back hosting the show and joining him was Dan, Claire, Angela and Max.  Viewers tuned in to see the first three contestants successfully secure £18,000 for the jackpot and it was Max’s […]

It’s no coincidence that Trump is surrounded by criminals

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer Several of President Donald Trump’s close associates have now been convicted of crimes, and many more have engaged in corrupt activity in office. Why did the president who planned to hire “the best people” end up surrounded by moochers, grifters and criminals? Because working for Trump is horrible and unfulfilling — unless you […]

BBC Breakfast: Viewers stunned by unbelievable coincidence ‘You couldn't make it up’

BBC Breakfast presenters Charlie Stayt and Tina Daheley spoke to a lot of drivers who were stuck on motorways this morning, as they illustrated the issues caused by the severe weather. However rural life has also been affected greatly, as the presenters revealed when they swung over to their next guest to discuss the issues […]

Clever NYC Street Photography Snapshots Captured by Coincidence

At first glance, Jonathan Higbee‘s art looks like straightforward street photography snaps of New Yorkers doing their thing. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Higbee’s work is a series of visual puns captured purely by coincidence. In fact, that’s the name of his series, Coincidences. Website Ignant reveals that Higbee spends hours waiting for the right […]

Google Maps: Is this bizarre Martian coincidence proof of aliens?

Google Maps and Google Earth have unveiled two striking similarities between a site in Japan and an era of landmass on Mars. The coincidence has even caused some to claim that aliens exist, and have something to do with the two similar shapes. Google Mars allowed users to view the surface of the red planet, […]

‘Now is that a coincidence?’: Steve Bannon compares Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes to Roy Moore scandal

Scott Olson/Getty Images Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon suggested there was a dubious connection between the Washington Post’s recent exposé on Roy Moore and previous reports on President Donald Trump. The Post previously published then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape, in which he could be heard making lewd remarks towards women. The […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Katy Armstrong really dead? Fans spot VERY odd coincidence

Katy (played by Georgia May Foote) famously fled Coronation Street in 2015, but she dramatically perished during a car crash in Portugal. Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) dropped everything to fly over to the country to get his son Joseph, but some viewers noticed the twist was eerily similar to an EastEnders storyline. “I smell a […]

Kate Middleton and Prince William horoscope reveals THIS amazing coincidence

GETTY Kate Middleton and Prince William horoscope reveals this amazing coincidence about the couple Kate Middleton, 35, and Prince William, 34, have been married for more than six years, and have two children together, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. An expert in the field of astrology has revealed her interpretation of the pair’s birth charts, […]