Almost $500,000 in Ethereum Classic coin stolen by forking its blockchain

Enlarge (credit: Attackers have stolen almost $ 500,000 worth of the Ethereum Classic digital currency by carrying out a compute-intensive hack that rewrote its blockchain, officials with Coinbase, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges, said on Monday. The heist was the result of carrying out what’s known as a rollback attack, which allowed […]

Leftists slam ‘Three Bullets for Lenin’ memorial coin as terrorist propaganda

A Russian leftist party has officially addressed the Federal Investigative Committee with a request to stop the production and sale of memorial coins minted in honor of the woman who almost managed to kill Vladimir Lenin in 1918. The Communists of Russia party addressed the federal law enforcement agency for dealing with especially serious crime, […]

eBay: ‘VERY rare’ Battle of Britain 50p coin selling for £2,500 – do you have one?

Rare coins can be worth far more than the value they have printed on them, as this new eBay listing goes to show. While some may assume the 50p piece is worth just that, a seller has decided to put the coin up for sale – in the hopes of reaching a whole lot more. […]

eBay: Rare Benjamin Britten 50p coin selling for £750 – do YOU have one of these coins?

eBay is the world’s biggest online marketplace, with thousands of rare and valuable items on its books. Among those items are rare coins, with eBay users looking to make big bucks from their small change. The latest addition to the site is a rare 50p coin made to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth […]

eBay: Rare Great Fire of London £2 coin selling for £625 – and YOU could have one

eBay is the world’s biggest online marketplace, attracting sellers and buyers from all around the world. The website is host to thousands of rare and valuable items, with new items listed on the site every day. Amongst those items are rare coins, many still in circulation, that can fetch hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pounds. […]

‘Photo coming soon’: White House coin marks Trump-Putin Helsinki summit as ‘historic moment’

Although US President Donald Trump has come under fire for daring to have a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House is making no apologies. It’s even released a commemorative coin marking the event. The “Kremlin Summit in Helsinki” coin has been listed on the White House gift shop website for $ 100. […]

eBay: Rare 50p coin listed for £395 – do you have a Victoria Cross coin to your name?

Ebay is a brilliant platform for the buying and selling of rare coin pieces. Some of these coins, particular certain 50p coins, sell for a sky high sum. One coin, a rare 50p coin bearing a Victoria Cross design, is listed for almost 800 times its face value. It is listed for an astounding Buy […]

eBay: ‘Rare’ Charles Dickens £2 coin just listed is worth £3,500 – and YOU could have one

eBay is the world’s largest online auction site, used by sellers and collectors all around the world. Many rare and collectable items end up on eBay’s books, including a plethora of rare British coins. While some are dusty old pennies and out-of-date coins, others are currently circulating, and worth thousands of pounds. One coin that […]

eBay: ‘Rare’ Peter Rabbit 50p coin SOLD for £1,000 – Do you have one in your change?

eBay is full of rare and collectable items, with many Britons flocking to the site to make money from their wares. Among the host of valuable items are plenty of rare coins, including historical coins, commemorative coins and even coins still in circulation. Only a few reach their full asking price, but one particular 50p […]

eBay: Rare Beatrix Potter 50p selling for hundreds – do you have this coin in your wallet?

eBay seller chpa-pch-fywzyta has listed the 50p coin, which they describe as “rare”, for a whopping £249 starting bid. Interested buyers can make an offer if they don’t want to pay quite so much money. The listing is called: “Rare Beatrix Potter 50p – Mr Jeremy Fisher 2017 – Circulated Collectors Coin.” Describing the item, […]