‘Hello, death’: Coca-Cola greets New Zealanders in marketing blunder

One of Coca-Cola’s marketing slogans in New Zealand did not go over well, turning into a humorous and embarrassing blunder for the company. The beverage firm ran a vending machine signage that read “Kia ora, mate.” The slogan was an attempt to mix a greeting from the island’s indigenous peoples’ language, te reo Maori, with […]

Shares in one of Britain’s biggest coffee chains surge 20% after Coca-Cola announces $5.1 billion takeover

Daniel Berehulak / Getty US beverage giant Coca-Cola will buy British coffee shop chain Costa in a surprise acquisition. Costa, which is currently owned by Whitbread, is being sold for £3.9 billion ($ 5.1 billion). Coca-Cola currently has no presence in the coffee market, and wants to use the deal to expand into the space. […]

Americans are starting to shop more like Europeans — and that should terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Kraft

Flickr/ Brandon King A new Nielsen report predicts a huge rise in the sale of private label foods. These brands are created for stores like Aldi, Lidl and Trader Joe’s by third-party manufacturers have dramatically changed what consumers expect from products.  Urban and millennial shoppers especially appreciate the value of private label products, which often […]

Coca-Cola wants to dominate a $7 billion industry with a new type of beverage that’s taking over the world (KO)

Zico/Mermaidens Coconut water is estimated to become a $ 7 billion market globally by 2021.  Coca-Cola wants to own the category with its Zico brand, debuting flavors like jalapeño-mango and a new line of coconut water that’s blended with cold-press juices. Healthy options are increasingly important to beverage giants like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo — making […]

Coca-Cola says millennials are decimating sales of Diet Coke — and now it’s going to war (KO)

Hollis Johnson Coca-Cola is trying to convince millennials to drink more Diet Coke. The beverage giant debuted new Diet Coke flavors, cans, and ads in January to try and attract new customers.  Diet Coke has struggled to grow sales in recent years, due in part to evolving health trends.    Coca-Cola is depending on millennials […]

Diet Coke loyalists made it nearly impossible to fix the struggling brand — here’s why Coca-Cola is making massive changes anyway

Coca-Cola Diet Coke’s recipe will remain unchanged as Coca-Cola rolls out a brand revamp.  While Diet Coke sales have declined in recent years, Coca-Cola says it won’t change the flavor that is “loved by millions of fans.”  Instead, Coca-Cola is revamping Diet Coke’s design, rolling out a new marketing campaign and adding four new flavors.  […]

Coca-Cola is making massive changes to Diet Coke (KO)

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola announced Wednesday it is changing Diet Coke’s design and rolling out a new marketing campaign for the beverage.  The company is also launching new Diet Coke flavors — including Feisty Cherry and Twisted Mango — but keeping the classic Diet Coke unchanged.  Diet Coke has struggled in recent years, with sales dropping 1.9% in […]

Twitch and Coca-Cola will raise money to fight AIDS with a MOBA tournament

With World AIDS Day coming up on December 1st, Twitch is partnering up with (Coca Cola)RED for one week to help fight the disease in sub-Saharan Africa. On December 2nd, you can stream Twitch’s Arena of Valor channel and watch eight popular streamers face off playing the mobile MOBA designed by Tencent Games. There will […]

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour dates 2017 MAPPED: When will the iconic truck be near you?

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is a favourite with Britons when it comes to getting into the festive spirit. The Holiday’s Are Coming tune in the adverts strike Christmassy joy in the hearts of people all the world over.  The is the seventh year the truck will be doing its annual tour of the country to […]

Pastors suing Coca-Cola claim black community loses ‘more people to sweets than streets’

A couple of African American pastors in the Washington, DC area claim that Coke’s sugary drink and “deceptive marketing” are destroying their communities more than violence in the streets. Pastors William Lamar, from DC’s Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, and Delman Coates, from Mount Enon Church in Maryland, claim that the soda manufacturer deceived customers […]