‘The Last Sharknado’ Trailer Includes Time Travel, Dragon Sharks, and Tara Reid Clones

It’s been five years since SyFy brought the purposely stupid Sharknado to our screens. We’ve gotten a sequel each year since then, expanding the ludicrous B-movie’s mythology and bringing more and more D-list celebrities into the path of the shark infested funnel of death. But the joke has gone on too long, and the franchise […]

Mutant crayfish got rid of males, and its clones are taking over the world

Enlarge (credit: Ranja Andriantsoa) It’s possible to infer many species’ origins from things like fossils and DNA sequences. But for one creature, we have a specific date: 1995. That’s when the first marbled crayfish appeared in a pet shop in Germany, mixed in with similar-looking animals that had originally come from streams in the US […]

Nintendo games news: New device clones Switch design, provides big Wii U feature

For a while, Nintendo have been keeping their fans entertained with offerings from their catalogue of classic games. This has come in the shape of the Virtual Console, allowing Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners to buy classic titles for the current hardware. But so far, the Nintendo Switch games list has not been boosted by […]

Here are all the clones on ‘Orphan Black’ you need to know

BBC America Warning: Spoilers from the first four seasons of “Orphan Black” ahead. “Orphan Black” embarks on its fifth and final season on Saturday. At the center of the show is the building mystery behind a top-secret cloning project and Emmy-winning star Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of more than a dozen clone characters. Additionally, there are […]