The Ben Heck Show: A tale of two clocks

How can we keep track of time without using a personal computer or mobile phone? In this episode, Ben uses discrete electronics and encoders with an LED matrix to keep tabs on the time, while Felix puts together a micro-controller with an LCD display as an alternative. Have you ever made a clock from scratch? […]

European grid dispute resolved, lost 6 minutes returned to oven clocks

If it’s all moving too fast for you, consider upgrading to an oven or microwave that will allow you to stop time entirely. (credit: James LeVeque) This week, Europe’s electric transmission lobby announced that oven, microwave, and alarm clocks across the continent were no longer six minutes slow. How did they get back the lost […]

British Slumber Time: Hotel gives guests extra hour in bed despite clocks going forward

With the days getting longer and the temperature slowly edging upwards, it seems that summer is finally on its way. Just to be sure, the UK is switching its clocks from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) back to British Summer Time (BST) on Sunday 25 March. However, the official beginning of BST comes at a price: […]

Clocks change 2018: Which way do the clocks go tonight? Do clocks go forwards?

The clocks are to change tonight as it becomes British Summer Time (BST), which often happens on the last weekend in March. But which way do they go? In the spring, the clocks always go forward meaning the evenings become much lighter. However this means that people will lose an hour of sleep, meaning an […]

Clocks change 2018: When do the clocks go forward today? What Is British Summer Time?

THE clocks change twice a year and tonight they go forward by one hour at 1am, meaning we officially move over to British Summer Time (BST). But what is British Summer Time? Tonight the clocks will move an extra hour ahead, resulting in all of us losing some much-needed precious sleep. The change happens annually […]