‘Starman’ Offers Clever Puzzles In Lovely Black & White Places

Starman takes you to a soothing black and white world of mysterious structures and surreal locales, having you figure out environmental puzzles while taking in the striking landscapes where these confounding contraptions exist. Starman takes you to varied places filled with complex mechanisms, and it’s up to you to use your ability to grab stuff, […]

So clever wäre ich auch gerne.

H/T r/mildlyinteresting 1. Dieser Avocadoaufkleber, der auch als Reifediagramm dient. 2. Diese Pillendose, die dir sagt, wann du sie das letzte Mal geöffnet hast. 3. Diese Zapfhähne, die Milch für deinen Kaffee ausgeben. 4. Diese dreieckige Toilette für enge Räume. 5. Diese Haarfärbepackung, die auch kleine Hüllen für die Brille bereithält. 6. Diese geniale Duschtür, […]

Clever Street Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Cartoon Delights

The aesthetic of urban life is, more often than not, based in simplicity and utility – which is good and well for keeping things humming, but not exactly inspiring from a visual perspective. Tom Bob (whom we first read about at Bored Panda) is trying to change that. The NYC-based street artist’s M.O. is simple: […]

Killing Eve Review: A Wickedly Clever Thriller With Two Killer Performances

With a body count that easily reaches double digits, it might sound strange to describe BBC America’s new crime drama Killing Eve as “fun.” But dammit, it is fun — an addictive and surprisingly witty thriller powered by two remarkable female performances, and a welcome counterbalance to dour, moody British crime dramas like Luther and […]

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ is a Cruel and Clever Evolution of the First Film [SXSW]

What is a franchise? Is it a series of movies that form a grand, ongoing, and connected narrative like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or is it a series of movies made with similar stylistic intentions, connected by a familiar aesthetic like the Cloverfield films? That second definition feels like the wave of the future for […]

Photographs demo shows off clever puzzles and a tragic story

EightyEight Games’s introspective puzzler Photographs is due out later this year for PC, iOS, and Android. In a demo, I saw how it uses minigames to tell its myriad tales. Each of the chapters centers on one character. A series of puzzles correspond with their story, featuring mechanics that match what’s happening in the tale as […]

Clever NYC Street Photography Snapshots Captured by Coincidence

At first glance, Jonathan Higbee‘s art looks like straightforward street photography snaps of New Yorkers doing their thing. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Higbee’s work is a series of visual puns captured purely by coincidence. In fact, that’s the name of his series, Coincidences. Website Ignant reveals that Higbee spends hours waiting for the right […]