Random quantum circuit easiest way to beat classical computer

Enlarge / The evolution of a chaotic quantum system. (credit: Joint Quantum Institute) One of the near-term (but somewhat irrelevant) goals of quantum computing is something called quantum supremacy. Quantum supremacy is not, sadly, a cage fight between proponents of competing interpretations of quantum mechanics. It is a demonstration of a quantum computer performing a […]

The Ongoing Battle Between Quantum and Classical Computers

The quest for “quantum supremacy”—unambiguous proof that a quantum computer does something faster than an ordinary computer—has paradoxically led to a boom in quasi-quantum classical algorithms. https://media.wired.com/photos/5a8785484430bd3783b466b5/master/pass/QC_QuantumSupremacy_2880x1620-2880×1620.jpg

Classical review: BBC Prom 61 in Royal Albert Hall

PROM 61 Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Sakari Oramo, soprano Renee Fleming  Royal Albert Hall, London SW7  AS leader of the pack of Renee Fleming fanatics, I can happily claim her singing at Prom 61 last week was the highlight of this year’s Proms. Dressed in a pale mushroom coloured crinoline, her extraordinary voice was […]

Of Course Bill Murray is Touring and Releasing a Program of Classical Music

File this one under “why the hell not”: Bill Murray, esteemed actor, comedian, and party-crasher, is releasing an album of classic music. According to the New York Times, Murray is currently rehearsing “a program of songs and literary readings” called New Worlds, set to chamber music led by the German-born, New York-based cellist Jan Vogler. The project originated […]