Google announces “Project Stream”—a “test” of game streaming in Chrome

Enlarge (credit: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) Google just announced “Project Stream,” a “technical test” of a service designed to stream AAA video games à la Playstation Now and GeForce Now. We’ve heard rumors of a “Project Yeti” gaming service for some time now, and this looks to be the first sign of a real “Google Gaming” product. The […]

Google’s Project Stream makes ‘Assassin’s Creed’ playable in Chrome

Project Stream promises to deliver the holy grail to video game fans around the globe — the ability to play the latest AAA games on any laptop or PC via a stable, no-lag streaming service. Google is preparing to publicly test Project Stream with a “limited number of participants” on October 5th, letting them play […]

11 Google Chrome Apps and Features to Help You Get More Done with Less Effort

In today’s fast-paced and never-ending busy world, we are overwhelmed by tasks that need to be completed by tight deadlines. With so much technology it is difficult to find the right tools to help boost our efficiency. And, many tools get obsolete so its essential to stay up-to-date to know when you will have to […]

The Gmail Offline Chrome app will disappear after December 3rd

Offline access to our Gmail is a feature that has come, gone and changed before, and 2018 will be no different. While Google’s announcement Wednesday that it will pull the plug on Inbox got a lot of the attention, it also revealed that the old Gmail Offline Chrome app would be pulled after December 3rd. […]

Google Chrome UPDATE: Major rival getting feature which could make YOU switch

Google Chrome is the undisputed reigning champion of the internet browser market. In the first eight months of 2018 Google Chrome had a staggering 62.79 per cent chunk of the internet browser market, according to NetMarketShare. Its nearest rival, the ageing Internet Explorer, had a 11.76 per cent share with Firefox behind on 10.23 per […]

Google Chrome gets a brand new update that will please Windows 10 users

Google Chrome is the tech giant’s solution to navigating the internet. It is widely considered to be the most popular browser around. Google regularly updates Chrome with new and subtle changes that drastically improve user experiences. The company’s latest tweak brings native notification support for Windows 10 users. This means when people using Microsoft’s operating […]

Chrome OS update makes installing Linux apps easier

With the power of tools like Crouton, anyone so inclined can already run Linux on a Chromebook. The process is a bit fiddly, however, and requires that you enable developer mode — which carries potential security risks. Now, thanks to a recent Chrome OS update, you’ll be able to launch .deb (Debian) packages minus such […]