Guests with 'misogynistic, homophobic, racist ' views cost Canadian mosque its charitable status

A Canadian mosque has been stripped of its charitable status after a revenue audit found a litany of issues, including inviting speakers who previously spoke out against LGBT and female equality, as well as advocating martyrdom. The Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque, which is one of the biggest mosques in the Canadian capital, had […]

AI could help your charitable dollars go further

GUEST: It’s no secret that philanthropy is an imperfect vehicle to fund important causes. When we give with our hearts instead of our heads, we tend to over-fund popular organizations and under-fund needier ones, creating a discrepancy in charitable giving. For instance, the diseases we donate to and those that kill us are incredibly misaligned, […]

Raptors pair Drake jerseys with new charitable program

The Toronto Raptors and Canadian rap star Drake announced plans to grow their partnership Wednesday with a new program called Welcome Toronto. Raptors president Masai Ujiri and Drake — who has served as the team’s global ambassador since 2013 — announced the program before the Raptors’ home game against the Detroit Pistons. The team will […]

‘We’re rich as hell and we don’t need it all’ — Gregg Popovich eloquently explains why it’s important for the wealthy to make charitable donations

Jason Miller/Getty The San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his charitable giving, including work with organizations such as Shoes that Fit and the Innocence Project. On Tuesday, Popovich was speaking about his charitable giving, and succinctly and eloquently summed up his view on the matter. The San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg […]

Trump’s charitable foundation says it’s shutting down, but an ongoing investigation in New York may complicate that

Alex Brandon (Associated Press) The Donald J. Trump Foundation, the president’s charitable organization, is reportedly dissolving itself. The foundation previously admitted to violating a federal rule on a nonprofit’s use of funds. The foundation was under scrutiny for allegedly misusing its funds, to include settling lawsuits. A spokesperson for the New York attorney general’s office said […]

Charitable aid convoys to Syria ‘abused’ to fund terrorism, regulator warns

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 10:37 Aid convoys to conflict areas may be passing on charitable funds to terrorist groups, the Charity Commission has warned. The regulator said the convoys could be “abused” by terrorist supporters wanting to help extremist groups through money and other resources. The Commission called on charities adopting them to carry […]

Charitable Giving Is Only a Small Part of What Foundations Do With Their Money

Foundations make up a big part—about a sixth—of all the charitable giving that happens in the U.S. But some would argue that their biggest impact comes not from the money they give away, but from the far larger pile of assets they hold. Most of the attention foundations receive is for the grants they make. […]

Can Billionaires Be Trusted to Control Their Charitable Spending?

If the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were a country, it would be the 10th largest donor of development aid in the world. With an endowment of around $ 40 billion from primary donors Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and an annual spend of about one-tenth of that total sum, the Gates Foundation (and dozens […]

Lyft will allow riders to round up their fare to make a charitable donation

In the coming weeks, Lyft will introduce a new program called Round Up & Donate, which will allow riders to make a charitable contribution when they take a ride with the service. Riders will be able to opt into the program, which will automatically round up their fare to the nearest whole dollar. The company […]