The 3 reasons why a witness tampering charge could deal a huge blow to Manafort’s defense

Thomson Reuters Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump’s campaign, has been accused of attempting to tamper with witness testimony. If the special counsel Robert Mueller has enough evidence to prove Manafort did what he has been accused of, there are three reasons it could strike a blow to his defense, and also […]

Ryanair check-in charge: How to avoid paying the £55 fee under strict new rules

Ryanair announced this week it was cutting its check-in window from four days to 48 hours. Any passenger who arrives at an airport without having checked in beforehand is forced to pay a fee of £55, so it’s going to be more difficult to avoid that fee after the new rule comes into force in […]

Sweden tests roads that charge electric vehicles as they drive

(Reuters) — An electrified road in Sweden that is the first in the world to charge vehicles as they drive along is showing promise and could potentially help cut the high cost of electric cars, project backers Vattenfall and Elways told Reuters. The state-funded project, named eRoadArlanda and costing about 50 million crowns ($ 5.82 […]

Prosecutors dismiss an invasion of privacy charge against Missouri governor Eric Greitens

Jeff Roberson/AP St. Louis prosecutors dismissed the criminal invasion of privacy charge against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Greitens was indicted in February on a felony invasion of privacy charge in connection with an admitted extramarital affair in 2015 before his election. Prosecutors said they would refile the case after deciding whether to pursue a special […]

VICTORY for drivers as Asda SCRAPS £99 petrol station pump charge following backlash

GETTY Asda scraps £99 petrol station charge after facing backlash Supermarket giant Asda has been forced to suspend the its £99 authorisation charge, after facing backlash from disgruntled customers. The charge debited £99 from their account on top of the purchase as a way to ensure there was enough money in the account to pay […]

Don’t charge your brain implant during thunderstorms, docs warn after incident

Enlarge (credit: Getty | Barcroft Media) Last year, futurist Elon Musk announced a new project: a medical research company called Neuralink set to develop a new generation of brain implant devices—which may, among other things, help us in the coming AI apocalypse. But evil robots aside, the devices first have to face a more nefarious […]

Putin’s new car crashes… and minister in charge seems happy about it

The long-awaited new Russian presidential car has passed crash tests and is set to become the regular mode of transport for Vladimir Putin, the Russian Industry and Trade minister said. Russia has been developing several cars meant for senior officials and their guard details under the “Kortezh” project since 2012. The project is a matter […]

Ajit Pai’s ex-broadband advisor arrested on charge of forging fiber contracts

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Laurence Dutton) The former head of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) has been arrested on a charge of wire fraud for allegedly tricking investors into pouring money into a fiber-optic network. Elizabeth Pierce is accused of “forg[ing] guaranteed revenue contracts to fraudulently induce investors to invest […]

China's solar road will charge cars as they drive

In Jinan, China, there’s a section of highway over which some 45,000 vehicles drive every day. A company called Qilu Transportation Development Group is converted about two-thirds of a mile of that roadway to generate solar electricity — enough to power the highway lights and 800 homes. Qilu Transportation isn’t stopping there, though. Looking forward […]

Man in charge of half the internet, who can never be fired from his job, says he is learning from his mistakes

Justin Sullivan / Getty Mark Zuckerberg has taken responsibility for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Zuckerberg makes mistakes, like everyone else. But a mistake on Facebook has global consequences.  He can never be fired from Facebook due to the way his stock holdings control the company. Zuckerberg thus has a massive amount of power (he even […]