Lance Armstrong told an incredible story of how he paid all the tabs at a crowded bar after they chanted ‘f— you’ at him

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images Lance Armstrong sat down for a lengthy interview with Freakonomics Radio. Armstrong admits that he was not contrite during his infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey but that a recent private conversation “rocked [him] to the core.” He also told a great story about how he is no longer combative and even paid […]

German football team enraged at fans who chanted Nazi slogans at Prague match

The coach and players of Germany‚Äôs football team have condemned rogue fans who snuck into their match against the Czech Republic in Prague and spent the game singing Nazi songs. Officials have also called for spectator access to international games to be tightened. Read more The fans, thought to number about 200, bought tickets to […]