This V2V is Volvo to Volvo: Cars, trucks to share traffic caution data

Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks are separate companies, and have been for almost 20 years. The separation occurred in 1999, when Volvo Group sold its car manufacturing business to Ford, which in turn sold Volvo Cars to Geely in 2010. But despite being separate, the vehicle makers share a name, and now they will also […]

City of discord: How Trump’s decision on Jerusalem throws 70yrs of caution to the wind

Trump’s Jerusalem decision has undone 70 years of wary American policy in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, undermining the status of the US as one of peace brokers in the region. RT looks back at how America started, trimmed and reversed its Middle East policy. The US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital […]

Caution: Flynn At Work 🇷🇺 🔍

WASHINGTON – Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn appears to be under investigation for his activities while he ran the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, according to a letter the agency sent to BuzzFeed News. The disclosure suggests that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking more broadly than previously thought at Flynn, whom […]

‘Exercise extreme caution’: Civil rights group issues travel warning for Missouri

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has put out an alert for people of color traveling to Missouri because of the state’s discriminatory policies and racist attacks. “The NAACP Travel Advisory for the state of Missouri, effective through August 28th, 2017, calls for African American travelers, visitors and Missourians to pay special […]