Trump’s new ambassador to Germany caused an international incident with a controversial interview in Breitbart

Reuters President Donald Trump’s new ambassador to Germany has caused an international incident after telling Breitbart that he wants to “empower” conservatives in Europe. Germany’s foreign ministry is now demanding Grenell clarify his comments in a meeting set for later this week, and German politicians have accused him of violating diplomatic protocol. In a tweet on Sunday, […]

It's Time I Admit That Michelle Pfeiffer In “One Fine Day” Caused My Sexual Awakening

Hello there folks and folkas. As you might be able to glean from the title of this post, I’m here to discuss how Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day caused my sexual awakening. Twentieth Century Fox And yes, I’m talking about the movie she was in with George Clooney back in 1996. Which was — […]

‘Rampage’s Original Ending Almost Caused Dwayne Johnson to Quit

Dwayne Johnson is serious about making sure audiences have a good time in his movies. He’s so serious about it, in fact, that he came very close to walking away from Rampage, his new film based on the classic video game that’s currently in theaters. Read about the Rampage original ending and why Johnson was so […]

Investigators found a major clue to what may have caused Southwest jet’s engine failure (LUV)

Amanda Bourman/AP NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt said the failed engine on the Southwest Airlines jet is missing a fan blade. Investigators found evidence of metal fatigue at the point where the blade broke off. Southwest Airlines will immediately begin inspections of its entire fleet of more than 710 Boeing 737s. Investigators from the National Transportation […]

Johnson & Johnson and one of its suppliers must pay at least $37 million to New Jersey man and his wife over claims its baby powder caused his cancer

Reuters Johnson & Johnson, and its talc supplier, Imerys SA, must pay at least $ 37 million to a man who says he developed mesothelioma after inhaling dust from the company’s talc powder-based products.  Stephen Lanzo said he has used Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder produts since his birth in 1972. This is the second […]

Noel Edmonds SLAMMED by Victoria Derbyshire after stating ‘cancer is CAUSED by negativity'

Noel Edmonds is a cancer survivor, and passionately believes he cured himself of the disease. But the star was today slammed by a fellow TV host and cancer-survivor Victoria Derbyshire, for suggesting negative energy causes the disease. Victoria, 49, asked 69-year-old Noel if he regretted tweeting a cancer survivor to ask if they thought their […]

‘You cannot imagine the horror, it’s so bad’: Russian scientist who developed Novichok describes agonising convulsions caused by poison used on Sergei Skripal

vilmirza/YouTube Former Soviet chemist Vil Mirzayanov has described the effects of Novichok, a type of nerve agent which he helped create. Britain yesterday said Novichok was the chemical used to poison Sergei Skripal, a double agent who defected from Russia to Britain. Mirzayanov said even low doses of Novichok cause agonising convulsions and pain akin […]