Convicted turtle trafficker goes international while on probation, gets caught again

A South Carolina man previously convicted of turtle trafficking is facing jail time again for the same crime after pleading guilty to charges of smuggling up to $ 400,000 worth of protected reptiles from Hong Kong to the US. Federal prosecutors said that Steven Verren Baker, 38, of Holly Hill, South Carolina, pleaded guilty on […]

‘Treated like animals’: A North Korean defector tells the brutal story of what happened to him after he was caught trying to escape

Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider A 32-year-old North Korean defector named Scott Kim tells the brutal story of what happened to him after he was caught in China after escaping from the isolated country. Kim said that he was brought to a detention camp where he and his fellow inmates were “treated like animals.” After escaping North […]

Google Maps Street View: Lorry stuck in ditch gets caught in this very awkward situation

Google Maps Street View was created in 2007 and has continued to offer people online the opportunity to visit places all over the world without having to leave the comfort of their own home. First launched in the US, it has since extended to hundreds of countries and some of the most remote areas. Designed […]

Flight secrets: How to avoid being caught out by hidden fees when booking flights

Cheap flights continue to reduce in cost as airlines lower prices for passengers. With tickets as cheap as £4.99 from the UK, travelling abroad has never been so affordable. To keep up profits airlines are instead charging for other aspects of a flight such as luggage, seat reservations and meals, which can quickly increase the […]

Lightning strike caught on camera as biblical storms wreak havoc in Germany (VIDEO)

A dramatic lightning strike has been caught on video as Germany continues to be battered by storms of biblical proportions. Heavy thunderstorms have swept parts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia leaving several areas including Dusseldorf, Wuppertal and Aachen completely flooded. One Dusseldorf resident caught the moment a bright burst of lightning flashed before his […]

Google Maps Street View: Young man caught in very embarrassing situation

Google Maps Street View has been used by many people since 2007 to map routes and find addresses. Thanks to the extensive mapping system, thousands of destinations have now been revealed with the click of a button. As part of the mapping process, the Google cars often take photographs of people walking past when they […]

Cruise from HELL: Couple describe thinking they would 'die' as ship is caught in cyclone

If you are a regular cruise holiday-goer, then Channel 4 documentary ‘Cruises From Hell’ would have made horrifying viewing. The programme met with holidaymakers who had been caught up in horrifying experiences on their cruise trips. One couple detailed the moment their cruise liner was caught up in a bomb cyclone on their way back […]

Google Maps Street View: Which Top Gear star was caught by the Google camera?

Google Maps Street View was launched over 10 years ago with the aim of mapping the globe. It originally included just a handful of major cities, starting in Manhattan. It now documents over five million miles of roads, covering 39 countries and around 3,000 cities. Specially-equipped vehicles, drones and on-foot trekkers take images with 360-degree […]

Google Maps Street View: Car caught in unbelievable parking spot

Google Maps Street View vehicles have documented over five million miles of the world’s streets since they launched in 2007. So it’s little wonder that occasionally they capture scenes that people would rather they didn’t. These days, it’s much harder to get away with things like bad parking than it was before the technology existed […]