A glimpse into hell: Narrow escape from Kerch college massacre caught on VIDEO

Moments of sheer terror are seen on video footage from inside the Kerch college as the 18-year-old shooter moved from room to room, ruthlessly slaughtering people. A group of students is seen fleeing the school, amid dead bodies. The footage, obtained by several Telegram channels, including Mash, shows a group of female students and their […]

Mysterious envelope slip from Dem-Rep to Ford’s attorney caught on VIDEO at Kavanaugh hearings

US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was caught on video slipping an envelope to Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney during hearings on accusations against the SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, triggering a wave of speculation on its contents. The envelope slip was very brief and quite secretive, yet it did not escape the cameras. The mysterious transfer prompted […]

WATCH: Baggage handlers caught doing this to luggage at Manchester Airport

Ryanair passenger Elizabeth Evans, 28, filmed two baggage handlers at Manchester Airport removing bags from the plane. Having landed at the airport from Malaga at 9:30am that morning, she was waiting to disembark when she spotted the two men. As they removed the suitcases from the conveyor belt, they took no care with them and […]

British journo Michael Crick caught on video calling Corbyn’s son his ‘minder’

A senior British political journalist has been caught on camera labelling one of Jeremy Corbyn’s sons as his “minder,” while doorstepping the Labour leader, leading to accusations of unfair treatment. Channel 4’s Michael Crick made the error while filming the Labour leader outside his home, a tactic known as “doorstepping.” Video footage posted on social […]

WATCH: Baggage handler caught stealing items from Ryanair passengers bag in shocking video

The Ryanair passenger was travelling from Ibiza to Madrid when he spotted the incident. Footage posted on Spanish paper Diario de Ibiza captured the man opening a case on the luggage trolley that was waiting to be put on the flight. He was then spotted taking a red speaker out and putting it in his […]

Google Maps Street View: Woman caught risking her life while working

The Google Maps Street View images captured a woman doing her job by cleaning windows. Where she is from is not known, although the shutters outside the windows suggest somewhere in Europe where they are popular. The woman was dressed in a purple top and blue skirt while attempting to wash the shutters. She terrifyingly […]

KPMG is caught up in scandals but its woes are not existential

AUDITORS are often accused of being too lenient on the companies they scrutinise. After all, those companies pay the bills. The four that dominate the market—Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC—also offer lucrative services like consulting and tax advice. Concerns have long swirled that conflicts of interest risk deterring auditors from challenging dodgy accounting. Recent controversies […]

Trump reportedly caught the Japanese prime minister off guard during a meeting at the White House by saying ‘I remember Pearl Harbor’

AP/Susan Walsh President Donald Trump reportedly told Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe “I remember Pearl Harbor” during a meeting at the White House in June, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The reported comment is part of an increasingly complicated relationship between the two world leaders. Trump imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on Japan, and Abe […]

Google Maps Street View: Romantic clinch between two people caught on camera

Google Maps Street View catches people unaware when driving past with the 360-degree camera. From embarrassing accidents to funny pranks, many passersby have been immortalised online thanks to Google. A young couple in Nashville may not have realised this when they were snapped by the car. They seem very wrapped up in one another which […]