Game of Thrones: Your Quick Guide to Catching Up Before the Final Season

Shout “King in the North!” if this sounds familiar: You had every intention of catching up on (or re-watching) Game of Thrones ahead of the HBO drama’s return this April. You know it’s the final season. You need a little brush-up on names, loves, alliances and treacheries, because it’s been almost two years since the Season […]

Flights: Passenger left horrified after catching woman during this mid-flight

A passenger was disgusted to find a woman putting her bare feet on a tray table during a flight, and the passenger refused to stop when asked, according to reports. The video was taken onboard a China Southern Airlines flight which was travelling from Nanning to Harbin. According to the person filming, the woman in […]

New electrolyte recipe keeps lithium-ion batteries from catching fire

Enlarge / Adding powdered silica to the electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries keeps them from catching fire. (credit: Gabriel Veith) Exploding lithium-ion batteries can wreak havoc on airline flights or in waste facilities after people toss their old electronics into the trash. Now, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have come up with a new […]

Catching drug cheats a marathon — not a sprint

Are belief, advocacy and perseverance enough to save sport from cheaters or should Olympians be looking for alternative methods to be heard?  As athletes from around the world are set to overtake Calgary for the first-ever Global Athlete Forum beginning on Sunday, sport leaders will be unifying their voices, hoping to affect change. The forum, […]

Riverdale season 2: Is THIS why the show couldn’t air anywhere else? 'TV is catching up'

An Archie Comics adaptation was always going to be a tough sell for TV viewers, but somehow The CW managed to pull it off. By maintaining an emphasis on character progression and a cinematic style, the show set itself apart from others – and with the teen drama finishing its second season this month fans […]

Catching the bitcoin bug

SINCE the heady days of late 2017 and January of this year, crypto-currencies have gone into retreat. Bitcoin, the best-known example, is now worth just a third of its value at its peak (see chart). But there remain plenty of true believers in digital currencies. They point out that prices are still well above where […]

Where to sit on a flight to avoid catching an illness – Dr Chris recommends this

Where you sit on a plane can impact how likely you are to get ill, according to new research. Scientists modelled the way bugs are spread on flights in the study, and they also found that cabin crew, not just fellow passengers that could be making you ill. The study shows that an infected air […]

How to get rid of black mould and damp: Avoid catching aspergillus with these five steps

BLACK mould and damp is a common problem during this time of year and respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma can be a result of infestations. Inhaling tiny bits of mould can also cause a condition called aspergillosis. The NHS explains how best to get rid of mould and damp problems.