6 best cars for $5,000

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Videos,Autoblog Minute,Original Video Looking for a good used car on a budget? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading 6 best cars for $ 5,000 6 best cars for $ 5,000 originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 10 Aug 2018 19:39:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of […]

So Much Winning: Even With Cars Tanking, Subaru Hits Another Record

We’ve seen this kind of meteoric rise before, so it’s our duty to tell Subaru to “just say no” to drugs. Let’s not have this end in heartbreak for all the fans. With that important announcement out of the way, it’s time to toss around some numbers — which, at Subaru of America, are quite positive. […]

Waymo pilot program shows how self-driving cars could boost transit

Enlarge / One of the earliest families in Waymo’s public trial in Phoenix poses with a Waymo minivan. (credit: Waymo) Waymo is about to launch a pilot program to explore how self-driving cars can be used in combination with public transit, the Google self-driving car unit announced on Tuesday. Starting in August, employees of Valley Metro, […]

Uber ends autonomous truck program to focus on self-driving cars

Two years after Uber bought self-driving truck developer Otto to the tune of $ 680 million, the ride hailing company announced on Monday that the Uber Advanced Technologies Group is shuttering its autonomous truck unit. The company remains committed to further developing its self-driving car platform, which has only killed one pedestrian so far. Uber […]

Gran Turismo Sport, revisited: More tracks, more cars, more everything

Sony When Gran Turismo Sport arrived for the Playstation 4 at the end last year, I wrote that it was a great game. Any lingering problems I’d had with the way Polyphony Digital had been simulating tire physics disappeared, plus it looked and sounded better than any prior installment of the franchise. But it also […]

It’s Happening Again: Ford Europe Wants to Shift Attention/Money Away from Cars

In an earlier analysis of Ford’s lackluster share price, we noted that Europe and China posed a significant problem for the automaker’s bottom line. Europe, which was previously pretty good to the brand, has gradually lost its share of the market since 1994. While Ford still moves a lot of metal in the region, something’s definitely […]

Here’s the Dumbest Thing People Are Doing (With Cars) Right Now

This week, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a statement urging people to stop jumping out of moving vehicles in order to dance. That’s the kind of folksy wisdom we appreciate from the government, but we were curious as to what spurred it. Apparently, youths everywhere are engaging in a social media challenge where they […]

NTSB: Stop getting out of moving cars and dancing to Drake

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Celebrities,Etc.,Humor Government actually releases a statement decrying this nonsense. Continue reading NTSB: Stop getting out of moving cars and dancing to Drake NTSB: Stop getting out of moving cars and dancing to Drake originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 27 Jul 2018 19:20:00 EDT. Please see our terms […]

Bosch and Foreca’s new service helps self-driving cars respond to changing road conditions

Driving in inclement weather is anything but easy for humans, and it’s equally tough for autonomous cars — Google spinoff Waymo’s prototypes saw snow for the first time this year. That’s why electronics company Bosch is partnering with Foreca, a Finnish weather forecasting provider, on a predictive road-condition service int…Read More