Venom ending reveals TWO symbiote shocks for sequel: Carnage and THIS character EXPLAINED

Venom still has his fangs firmly in the international box office. Likely to remain the top film worldwide for a second week, Spider-Man’s iconic enemy is proving a major hit with fans. Hopes were high before release and the filmmakers clearly already had an eye on what would come next. With the dramatic final scenes […]

Champions League CARNAGE: Cristiano Ronaldo in tears, Man Utd win as Man City suffer shock

Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba made the headlines across Europe (Image: GETTY) Following Liverpool’s thrilling 3-2 win over Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan’s stunning 2-1 comeback against Tottenham on Tuesday, tonight’s matches had a lot to live up to. But Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United and Manchester City certainly gave it their best shot. […]

Tom Hardy Venom movie: Guess which Star Wars actor ‘is playing villain Carnage’?

In Marvel comics Carnage is a Spider-Man super-villain and enemy of Venom. Like Venom, he’s a Symbiote – an amorphous extraterrestrial who create a symbiotic bond with a single entity. The big difference between Venom and Carnage is that the latter is a psychopath; having no sense of morality. And as Venom’s human alter ego […]

Is Woody Harrelson Carnage in ‘Venom’? A New Rumor Suggests So

Is Carnage in Venom, the film featuring Tom Hardy as everyone’s favorite lethal protector? There have been rumblings that the character would pop up in the Ruben Fleischer-directed film, and now a new rumor suggests that Woody Harrelson will be playing the character. More on the Woody Harrelson Carnage rumor below. Take this rumor with a nice […]

Avengers Infinity War is CARNAGE: Benedict Cumberbatch teases ‘utterly relentless’ movie

The all-star Marvel epic is out next month, and a new trailer dropped late last week. With such a huge cast on board, it’s no surprise that the action doesn’t let up for one moment. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Cumberbatch said: “It’s just mind-blowingly epic. “What I thought is, ‘this just doesn’t stop’. Once it […]

WATCH: Terrifying moment broken ski lift malfunctions causing CARNAGE on the slopes

The ski lift in Georgia’s Gudauri resort caused horror among skiers trying to reach the slopes. According to local media, the lift had a defect causing it to speed up to double the normal speed. Skiers were being thrown off their chairs as they tried to get off, captured in terrifying video.  People could be […]

Superhero Bits: Carnage Possibly Confirmed for Venom, Justice League Digital Release & More

What was the top-selling comic of 2017? Why wasn’t Crisis on Earth-X released as a movie like Marc Guggenheim wanted? What would Hayley Atwell like to do if Agent Carter got a third season? Did Tom Hardy confirm Carnage will be in Venom? Which comic book movies were nominated for the USC Scripter Awards? When […]

EastEnders spoilers: CARNAGE as deadly gas explosion rips Walford apart – but who dies?

The deadly eruption will tear apart Walford, and if new spoiler pictures are anything to go by, there will be some character deaths. Blood stained characters can be seen strewn across Albert Square in episodes that will broadcast from September 4. The shattering debris will hit the Walford in Bloom celebrations, sending the soap into […]