Weight loss: Woman lost four stone with one simple diet trick which includes eating carbs

Weight loss often depends on what works for the individual, and while some find eating few carbohydrates can work, others benefit from integrating them into their diet. This was the case for one woman who lost a massive four stone while still eating carbs as a key staple in her diet. Before and after pictures […]

Scientists think they’ve discovered a fourth type of human fuel beyond carbs, fat, and protein — and it could have key health implications

HVMN Ketones could supercharge the body in a way unlike any other source of fuel. The San Francisco-based startup HVMN launched a ketone ester drink that it says can help people harness those performance-boosting qualities. A new study of the product’s effects on blood sugar — a metric that may be helpful for healthy eating […]

Weight loss: Eat carbs at this time of day to get a flatter stomach in a month

Weight loss takes dedication, but expert tips can always help you along the path to a fitter leaner body. A celebrity personal trainer has revealed to Express.co.uk their top tips for getting a slimmer waist in just one month. Drinking three litres of water a day and eating carbs at only certain times of day […]

Gluten-free foods no healthier than regular carbs, expert claims

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 18:03 Giving up regular carbs for gluten-free foods may not be as healthy as it seems, a gastroenterologist has claimed. It comes amid reports of some 13 percent of Brits ditching the protein for supposedly healthier lifestyles. Gluten-free diets tend to be followed by people suffering from celiac disease, whereby […]

Weight loss: Expert says don't quit carbs to lose weight and THESE are best to shed pounds

MealKitt, who specialise in portion control, explained to Express.co.uk that those trying to lose weight are better off keeping carbs as part of their diet. All dieters should do is make sure they are eating the right type. They explained: “Most of us think that in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet […]