The real Exorcist: Horror film director sets his sights on capturing real–life exorcisms

Friedkin, 81, was given special permission by Pope Francis to lm Vatican exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth commanding an army of 80 evil spirits to leave the body of an Italian woman named Rosa. At one stage five other priests had to hold her down and Friedkin says: “Rosa’s body began to throb. A foam formed […]

Intel Studios is a high-tech soundstage for capturing 360-degree video

Intel built a high-tech soundstage in Los Angeles for capturing volumetric video in real-time. More than that, the chipmaker has forged an “exploratory partnership” with Paramount Pictures to see what’s possible with the technology that can capture a scene from pretty much any point of view — even that of a horse during a Wild […]

There’s a reason economic measures are no good at capturing the likely damage from Hurricane Harvey

AP Photo/David J. Phillip There is always something callous about economic analysis of natural and humanitarian disasters, because the human and physical loss is so immediate that financial concerns appear superfluous. But there’s another key reason the already highly imprecise exercise of economic forecasting becomes especially useless with major disasters like the deadly Hurricane Harvey, […]

Magaluf Facebook page capturing antics of young women after nights out goes viral

The page, which has over 50,000 followers, posts pictures of young women after an apparently heavy night out. Its popularity has increased recently with the page going viral after getting 30,000 new followers in the past week. Images range from young women walking back in their underwear after a night out to others passed out […]