GoPro has now sold more than 30 million Hero action cams

GoPro has been dealing with significant business challenges in recent months, but the camera maker has managed to keep its chin above water. The company today revealed it has surpassed 30 million sales of its Hero action video camera since the first HD model came out nine years ago. Its Hero5 Black model — an […]

‘My life is not your porn’: 30,000 South Korean women protest spy cams

In the biggest women’s rights march in the country’s history, thousands of female activists swarmed the streets of Seoul, venting their anger at a ‘hidden cam’ porn industry and police bias in investigating sex crimes by men. Some 30,000 women, many of them wearing masks for fear of exposure, marched from Hyehwa Station in South […]

Russian military’s drones & cams show E. Ghouta humanitarian corridors (LIVE)

Published time: 16 Mar, 2018 06:49 Edited time: 16 Mar, 2018 07:07 People walk with their belongings as they flee the rebel-held town of Hammouriyeh, in the village of Beit Sawa, eastern Ghouta, Syria March 15, 2018 © Omar Sanadiki / Reuters Syrian civilians are being evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta area near Damascus via […]

Police body cams had no “statistically significant effect” in DC

Enlarge (credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images) Police body cams worn by 2,600 officers in the nation’s capital did not affect citizen complaints or the use of force by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), according to a new study. “We found essentially that we could not detect any statistically significant effect of the body-worn cameras,” according to […]

Police body cams will soon use AI to find missing people

Motorola is adding machine learning to its surveillance equipment used by law enforcement personnel. Cops in Chicago’s Waukegan police department are already suiting up with the company’s Si500 body cams. But those same cameras could soon pack AI that could help officers identify missing people and objects. A prototype device is in the works with […]

More than Carpool Karaoke, these new features persuade drivers to buy dash cams

Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) In the time that’s passed since we reviewed a number of dash cams last year, the essential use of an in-car camera hasn’t changed. Dash cams record footage of the road in front of you (and sometimes behind) while you drive, ensuring you have a video account of […]

Taser Debuts Orwellian New Name, Offers Free Body Cams for Every Cop in America 

Still: YouTube On Wednesday, stun gun maker Taser announced that it’s offering free body cameras to every police department in the United States. That’s 700,000 cops across 18,000 departments. Rebranding itself as “Axon” (as in the nerve fibers that connect neurons throughout the human body), the company said in a press release that it’s “going […]

New holster forces all nearby body cams to start recording when gun is pulled

Axon, the body cam division of Taser International, has announced Signal Sidearm, a gun holster sensor that detects when a weapon has been removed from a holster and automatically prompts all nearby body cams to start recording. The Signal Sidearm, despite its slightly confusing name and provided artwork, isn’t a pricey, complex smart weapon, but rather […]

Ford makes dash cams look boring with a dolly that responds to how you drive

Filming a solo drive in the future may no longer mean shooting video from a fixed perspective. According to the patent, the camera dolly uses information from the vehicle to move the camera in tune with the drive. The post Ford makes dash cams look boring with a dolly that responds to how you drive […]