Dear God, Please Let the I.D. Buzz Copy the Volkswagen California’s Interior

While the United States seems intent on pushing vans into the work-vehicle category, Europe continues to enjoy them for leisure activities. That’s a shame because there’s a chance some of that interesting van culture would have trickled over the ocean were it not for the chicken tax and unwarranted prejudice. Volkswagen has several such lifestyle […]

Report: Trump admin has plan to end California’s emissions standards power

Enlarge / Car Exhaust With Two Tailpipes (credit: Getty Images) The Trump administration will propose a plan to freeze emissions standards at 2020 levels while undercutting California’s legal waiver to set emissions standards that are stricter than those set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to three sources that Bloomberg spoke to. The news […]

California’s efforts to restrict Elon Musk’s flamethrowers go down in flames

Enlarge (credit: Boring Company) A California state bill that would have more heavily regulated the use of flamethrowers has now effectively fizzled out in a legislative committee. In light of this development, there’s nothing to stop Boring Company customers in California from receiving the company’s sold-out flamethrowers. On May 26, the day after the bill […]

NHTSA proposal would override California’s tougher emissions rules

The Trump administration hasn’t been shy about wanting to roll back emissions and fuel economy guidelines, but there’s been a key obstacle to that: California. It has a waiver permitting it to apply tougher emissions standards, and that (combined with support from 12 other states) effectively dictates the rules for automakers across the US. Officials […]

EPA says auto emissions standards are too high, questions California’s waiver

Enlarge / Car Exhaust With Two Tailpipes (credit: Getty Images) Scott Pruitt, Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced today that he had made a “final determination” to revise current vehicle emissions standards for model year 2022-2025 vehicles. Pruitt did not specify any new standards at this time; instead, he stated that he would […]

California’s first proposed per-ride city tax to raise Uber, Lyft prices

Enlarge / Oakland City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, seen here in 2010. (credit: Daniel Aruaz / Flickr) OAKLAND, Calif.—A local city council member is beginning to float the idea of taxing ridehailing companies like Uber and Lyft as a possible way to raise millions of dollars and help pay for local public transportation and infrastructure improvements. […]