WATCH: Terrifying moment toddler falls out of a moving car onto a busy road

The dramatic incident, which saw the two year old youngster roll out of the back seat, was captured on camera and swiftly posted to Facebook, in a clip which is quickly going viral. The child can clearly be seen courtesy of their pink coat as the heart-wrenching incident unfolds. Driver Cheddar Mock, who was driving […]

I tried Veestro, a plant-based meal delivery service — and it’s great for busy people who want to eat healthy

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Veestro Instagram Healthy eating often falls by the wayside when you lead a busy lifestyle.  Veestro is a meal delivery service that makes it easy to get more […]

Demolition gone wrong? Debris flung at busy road as multi-story building collapses (VIDEO)

An ominous black cloud engulfing the road and debris raining from above were not what drivers, waiting out a demolition of a Moscow roadside business center, expected when they captured it on video. Scary footage showing a high-rise business center in northeastern Moscow going down in seconds has been making rounds online. The toppling tower […]

Google Maps Street View: Embarrassing moment for young man in Brazil on a busy road

Google Maps Street View has captured a number of humiliating moments for people around the world. One young man found this out the hard way when using the road in Brazil. Spotted wearing jeans and a white top, he also had a red backpack and appeared to be of school age. He was caught tripping […]

PUBG servers too busy as new down time begins for Sanhok update

UPDATE: Bluehole Inc. has provided an update on today’s PUBG server down time and update schedule. While maintenance was due to finish at around 6am BST, it has now been confirmed that this has been extended by three hours. “PC Players: Live server maintenance has been extended by 3 hours due to an unforeseen technical issue,” a […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping moment THIS is spotted in busy lake in Nevada

The viral video, filmed in Lake Tahoe in Nevada, captured a typical beach scene. Mountains can be seen in the distance while paddle boarding and canoeing tourists make the most of the beautiful water. But the shocking scene captured something rather unusual in the water as onlookers filmed. While they didn’t seem to be threatening […]

WATCH: Air Canada plane has terrifying near miss after attempting to land on busy runway

Audio at the time of the incident between the Air Canada pilot and air traffic control has since been released. The Air Canada pilot asked: “Tower, just want to confirm, this is AI Canada 759. We see some lights on the runway there. Confirming good to land?” The control tower confirms, stating: “Air Canada 759 […]

Melania Trump hasn’t had a birthday present from Donald – because he says he's ‘too BUSY’

Melania Trump turned 48 today, but the First Lady – who is married to US President Donald Trump, 71, – may end up disappointed on her special day. Donald admitted this morning that he had not purchased a birthday present to mark his wife’s special day. Donald has a net worth of several billion. However, apparently […]