VIDEO: Surveillance footage captures driver bursting through the windshield in a fiery SUV crash in Florida

Screenshot via WFLA Surveillance video captured a fiery SUV crash in Florida that launched a driver out of the windshield of the vehicle. The white Cadillac SUV collided with a toll booth in Osceola County on June 3. Police told a local news station the driver may have been “fatigued.” The driver was lying motionless […]

China on the verge of bursting bitcoin bubble

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 09:52 China’s regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies is sparking a mass exodus of bitcoin miners from the country, which has the potential to radically alter both global bitcoin and energy markets. According to a document leaked online, China’s internet-finance regulator has recommended that local governments squeeze bitcoin miners out of the […]

WATCH: Dramatic moment cruise ship is struck by LIGHTNING…before bursting into flames

Cruise ships regularly face tough weather conditions and storms. However, this also means that they are built to withstand any strong attacks against the vessels. Yet one video shows a cruise liner coming up against a thunderstorm and not coming out well at the end. Filmed in Genova, it is a terrifying watch. The Croisières […]