Waze adds built-in audio player to spice up your commute

You won’t have to use Google Maps if you want a built-in music player to accompany Google’s navigation tools. In the wake of a Spotify tie-in last year, Waze has released beta versions of its Android and iOS apps with a native audio player that supports eight services in total. Deezer, iHeart Radio, NPR One, […]

Windows’ built-in antivirus tool can run in a secure sandbox

Antivirus programs, by their nature, introduce a degree of risk. Since they have to scan malicious data to stop attacks (and thus need extensive permissions), a piece of malware that exploits antivirus flaws can typically run with impunity. That could be much more difficult if you’re using Windows 10’s built-in safeguards, though. Microsoft is gradually […]

Google app beta adds built-in screenshot-editing tools

Google app is extremely close to rolling out a built-in screenshot-editing tool — so close that you can now try it out as a beta tester on Android. If you join the app’s beta program and download version 7.21, you’ll find an option that says “Edit and share screenshots” under settings and then under Accounts […]

Google’s Gboard app gets more languages and built-in stickers

After catching up with iOS, Google’s keyboard app for Android is now racing ahead, courtesy of an update that packs 40 additional languages (including Japanese), and built-in sticker packs. Although Google already has a keyboard for non-Latin script languages, it’s not forcing you to adopt Gboard, as noted by 9to5Google. Instead, you’ll need to manually […]

Television with built-in Fire TV makes better use of your voice

One of the Element Fire TV Edition set’s main hooks is clearly its Alexa voice control, so it stands to reason that the entire television stands to benefit the more you can use it, doesn’t it? Sure enough, Element is trotting out an update that makes better use of voice recognition. You can enter text […]

ao.com discount code: Get £25 off when you buy any two Beko built-in cooking appliances

The online retailer specialises in electrical goods, from TVs to dishwashers.  The store offers thousands of products from all the top brands.  But now, anyone looking to purchase built-in cooking appliances by Beko can take advantage of a money off deal.  Cashback website Quidco is offering new customers £25 off when they buy any two […]

Web gets built-in copy protection hooks with a few key flaws

Like it or not, the web is getting some built-in padlocks. The World Wide Web Consortium has decided to publish Encrypted Media Extensions, a standard for hooking copy protection into web-based streaming video, without making significant changes to a version agreed to in March. While it’s not perfect, the W3C argues (you still need to […]

Blue’s wireless Satellite headphones pack a built-in amp for $400

Blue announced its first wireless headphones back at CES, but now you can finally get your hands on a pair. The company’s latest model, Satellite, has Bluetooth 4.1 and Apt-X to keep the wireless streaming from your go-to device going strong. To further enhance the high-quality audio, there’s a built-in headphone amp. Similar to some […]

These fancy earbuds have a built-in slider for letting in more or less noise

I confess to being an earplug obsessive. I have a favorite brand (Howard Leight Laser Lites) and I buy my ‘plugs in bulk, scattering them like candy in bags, drawers, and pockets for easy-access silence. It’s an affordable luxury I recommend to anyone. But my earplugs are disposable, and I like the idea of getting […]

Next Chevy Silverado could get this built-in tailgate step

General Motors just received patent approval for a tailgate step in a pickup bed. And given the timing, don’t be surprised if you see this on the upcoming 2019 Silverado pickup (not the mention its GMC Sierra twin), expected to arrive in late 2018. According to the patent, granted in December of last year, the […]