India inches ahead in the race to build a Hyperloop

Plenty of places have committed to exploring the economic viability of building a Hyperloop, but nobody has been brave enough to say they’ll actually construct one. It’s why the news coming out of India’s latest announcement is such a big deal, because it includes a pledge to build a working test track. Prime Minister Narendra […]

The guys who helped build Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal are raising money to follow your every move

Unacast Two of the founders of Jay-Z’s fledgling music service Tidal are building a startup focused on mobile location data. The two executives, Thomas Walle and Kjartan Slette, have raised $ 17.5 million to expand Unacast, which supplies data from hundreds of mobile apps to ad targeting companies. The plan is to build out the company’s […]

Build All The Things: Rise Of Industry Is An Extremely Ambitious Business Tycoon Game

Tycoon game Rise of Industry has been a sleeper hit on and has recently become available as Early Access title on Steam and GOG. This industrial simulation throws you into a giant sandbox and has you figuring out supply chains for several industrial sectors. You’ll control every aspect from gathering, refining, production, and logistics […]

Tesla Still Struggles to Build Model 3 but Promises a Transformative Year

– Perhaps riding a bit on the Starman high of this week’s SpaceX triumph, which included the successful launch of a special payload (Musk’s Tesla Roadster) into space, the one-liner that Tesla CEO Elon Musk blurted out near the start of a financial call for the automaker may have fallen a little flat: “If we […]

Jaguar Revives Iconic D-type, Plans to Build 25 Additional Examples

– Four years ago, Jaguar announced that it was doing a run of six E-type Lightweights, exact re-creations of a competition-oriented car that had been allotted 18 production slots—although only 12 were ever constructed. Next, Jaguar turned its attention to the XKSS, of which 25 were intended to be built. A massive fire at the […]

Mercedes will build an electric version of its popular Sprinter van

It’s all well and good to drive your own electric car, but what about the companies delivering your mail or fixing your water heater? They could stand to benefit from EVs, too — and Mercedes-Benz is happy to help out. It’s launching a refreshed Sprinter van that will, for the first time, include an eSprinter […]

Google's parent company in talks to build massive data hubs in Saudi Arabia – report

Alphabet Inc. is reportedly negotiating a major deal with Saudi Arabia. The tech giant recently cracked down on RT in the name of democracy, but seems to be OK with Riyadh’s systematic human rights violations, at home and abroad. Senior executives of Alphabet, which owns Google, have reportedly been negotiating “for months” with representatives of […]