Your Voice Brings Clarity, But Also Danger, In Microphone-Based Horror Game ‘Stifled’

Stifled requires you use a microphone to see in the darkness, using the sound of your voice out into the world to make it visible. Through this form of echolocation, you’ll be able to explore the game’s pitch-black areas, but you’ll also be getting the attention of things lurking in the shadows, coaxing them ever […]

Hearthstone Boomsday Project: New expansion brings back Dr Boom

Arriving next month, Blizzard is making some significant changes to their popular card game with their future expansion. The Hearthstone Boomsday Project was announced today and will include Dr Boom in a starring role. On August 7, the infamous Dr Boom will unleash 135 new cards, as well as a slew of mischievous new gameplay […]

Adidas brings Yeezy reservations to its main app

Since 2015, Adidas has been letting customers reserve highly coveted sneakers (like Kanye West’s Yeezys) through its Confirmed app. But that’s about to change in the coming weeks. According to a message the company is displaying in Confirmed, the application’s features will soon move into the main Adidas app, which was launched in November of […]

Xbox One UPDATE: July patch rolling out TODAY, here’s what new Microsoft download brings

Xbox One and Xbox One X owners will be able to download the July update soon, with the patch rolling out today. The Xbox July update brings with it a number of system improvements, including better games and app organisation. But the headline addition will be the new FastStart feature announced during Microsoft’s E3 2018 […]

Overwatch patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One: New update 2.45 brings Endorsements

The new patch went live several hours ago and is available to download now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The big standout features that have been added this week are listed in the official Overwatch patch notes. These include everything that has changed with update 2.45, which sees the new endorsement system go live. […]

Garmin brings music, NFC payments, onboard mapping to Fenix 5 Plus watches

Garmin On the heels of announcing thoughtful updates to its Vivoactive 3 device, Garmin is bringing some of the same, new wearable features to the Fenix line. The new Fenix 5S Plus, Fenix 5 Plus, and Fenix 5X Plus devices finally have Garmin Pay and music storage now, and they include advanced biometric and routing features […]

Zara brings the brains to Love Island

And Zara, from Essex, insists that she has “definitely got the brains”, adding “I’m definitely a catch” but says her date must look good. She is currently a policy adviser at the Department for Education and promises to bring some much-needed intellect to the show. Zara said: “I’m intelligent, which means I’m quite good at […]

Leica C-Lux brings style to long-zoom compact cameras

When you think of compact cameras with long-zoom lenses, “fashionable” probably doesn’t come to mind. They tend to be very utilitarian devices where looks take a backseat to the optics you need for a dramatic vacation shot. Leica wants to change that: it’s introducing a new C-Lux camera that gives the category some flair. It’s […]

Theme Park Bits: Walt Disney World Brings Minnie Vans to the People, Exclusive ‘Toy Story’ Land Annual Pass Dates

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: Prepare to puzzle further over continuity issues between Epcot and Avengers: Infinity War. Now’s a good time for a children’s book narrated by John Lasseter to be store-bound, right? Disney World Annual Passholders will have exclusive access to Toy Story Land on some dates. Are you ready to […]