Tariffs may well bring some high-tech manufacturing back to America

YOU might think a company worth $ 1trn would gain a sympathetic hearing in the White House. Not, it seems, when the subject is China. On September 7th, as President Donald Trump prepared a new salvo of tariffs on Chinese imports, Apple released a letter pleading with the administration to change tack lest it harm […]

Hurricane Florence could bring 40 inches of rain and 13 feet of floodwater in a ‘catastrophic’ landfall

Tropical Tidbits Category-4 Hurricane Florence is surging toward the US East Coast with sustained wind speeds of 130 mph. It is forecast to hit the coast of North Carolina or South Carolina on Thursday or Friday. As of 8 a.m. Wednesday it was 530 miles from the shore. The winds will likely weaken, but the […]

The Positive Impact That Drinking Healthy Tea Can Bring to Your Life

Tea is the beverage of choice for a number of people across myriads of cultures. Whether you work in your dream job or run your own business, stress and the numerous problems associated with it will always hang around to haunt you.Luckily, there is a simple solution and it only requires you to savor every […]

Avengers 4 leak: SPOILER will bring Loki back and it's NOT who you think

The catastrophic succession in deaths in Infinity War left fans reeling, but one more than any other. Fans are already pretty sure that everyone who died in The Snap will somehow be restored. This leaves Loki in the lurch. Avengers 4 set pictures have already shown him in scenes with Thor and Tony Stark in […]

VW plans to bring 'We Share' EV car-sharing to U.S. by 2020

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Volkswagen,Crossover,Hatchback,Sedan,Electric,Future It will target non-owner urbanites, but will have a lot of competition Continue reading VW plans to bring ‘We Share’ EV car-sharing to U.S. by 2020 VW plans to bring ‘We Share’ EV car-sharing to U.S. by 2020 originally appeared on Autoblog on Sat, 25 Aug 2018 […]

Google may bring Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks

You might not have to splurge on a Pixelbook if you’re pining after a Chromebook with Windows 10 support. XDA-Developers has learned through source code that Campfire, the feature that would let Chrome OS dual-boot Windows 10, would be available in multiple “variants” — that is, on more than one Chrome OS device. This wouldn’t […]

25 Fabulously Fun Family Activities To Bring You Closer Together

It’s the height of summer, making it a brilliant time to come together as a family and enjoy long sunny days. But what should you do?There are so many fun family activities available, we’ve compiled 25 of them to set you on your way. 1. Visit museums Educational and entertaining, museum trips have a knack […]

Facebook’s ‘playable ads’ bring game demos to the news feed

Facebook’s next foray into the gaming space is giving players a chance to try mobile games out before they download them. The social network is calling them “Playable Ads,” which is fairly self-explanatory. There’s a lot of advertising mumbo-jumbo in Facebook’s announcement, but the key takeaway is that you’ll be able to play a brief […]