Special Briefing: The Future of Fertility

WHAT TO KNOW What’s happening? One in 7 couples worldwide struggles with infertility, and the medical industry aimed at helping them is now worth $ 16.7 billion. That’s not just in vitro fertilization — it includes delving into the causes of infertility, like plummeting sperm counts and endometriosis. OZY’s peeked into the labs of some […]

'The thing is done:' Khashoggi killing tape indicates hit squad was briefing Riyadh – report

The full transcript of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder in a Saudi consulate in Turkey reportedly shows that one of the assassins was briefing someone on the phone as the journalist’s dismembering progressed. According to a CNN report citing a source who has reviewed the full transcript of the audio recording translated from Arabic, […]

The Saturday Briefing: Knowledge Is Power

EUROPE: In 1975, Britain voted to stay in (Image: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images) CAN you tell me what happened to Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Corporal Radar O’Reilly and Major Frank Burns after they left M*A*S*H*? Why did they leave? June Thompson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  I PRESUME you are asking what happened to the actors who portrayed those […]

Was the UK and Ireland were ever joined to the European land mass? – The Saturday Briefing

GETTY STOCK UK and Ireland and European land mass A –  By looking at the rate of continental drift we think until about 250-300 million years ago the land on Earth was one great continent which has been called Pangaea. Then it began splitting up, eventually forming the continents we know today. Ireland has slowly […]

What IS method acting? — THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

GETTY / ALAMY STOCK Sir Laurence Olivier ribbed Dustin Hoffman over method acting Q. CAN you explain the difference between normal acting and the method school of acting? Edmund Perks, Ivybridge, Devon A: METHOD acting covers a range of techniques first introduced by the Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavski in the 1920s which emphasised the art […]

What happens to the bottles from the London Marathon? — THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

GETTY Mo Farah and his competitors used lots of bottles at the London Marathon Q. Can you please tell me what happened to all the plastic bottles used during the London Marathon last weekend? Sue Bailey, by email A. It has been estimated that 760,000 bottles of water were consumed and seven tons of waste […]

BBC's In Her Own Words had a catchy final song, what was it? THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

A: Most of the music for that documentary was specially composed by Michael Nyman, but the song played over the end credits was The Movie About Us, composed and sung by Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren. Q: While watching a football match on TV one of the commentators spoke about bending the ball. This brought to […]