Degrassi: Next Class Kicks off Season 4 With Bras, Brawls and So Much Bawling

Maya’s return to school in the fourth season premiere of Degrassi: Next Class set the stage for a semester of — wait for it … are you ready? — drama! At first, I expected Maya’s classmates would go out of their way to make her assimilation as comfortable as possible. But then I remembered that […]

We Tried Those Strapless, Backless, Stick-On Bras On Different Sized Bodies

Jemima: I couldn’t see myself actually wearing this all day, but I’d whack it on to take photos, or if I was going to an event and had a dress that particularly needed extra boob. Tbh though, if this was a thing when I was an insecure 19-year-old, I would’ve been wearing it 24/7. Emily: […]

Maine State Prison under fire for forcing female visitors to remove bras

The Maine State Prison’s screening practices are being reexamined after several women claimed that facility guards demanded they remove their bras for setting off a metal detector. That practice is not approved by the state’s Department of Corrections. Before seeing their loved ones behind bars, women first had to prove to Maine State Prison guards […]

Footage of Qatari royal mansion allegedly used by ISIS’ top bras in Palmyra (VIDEO)

Published time: 3 Mar, 2017 07:38 RT’s video agency, Ruptly, has filmed a luxurious mansion near Palmyra that the Islamic State terrorist group reportedly seized from the Qatari royal family. The once-posh desert palace has been ruined over the course of two years of fighting. The advancing Syrian army has taken control of the vast […]

Amazon wants to start selling its own bras (AMZN, LB)

Amazon is planning to launch its own private-labeled bras in the US, likely within the next several weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Khadeeja Safdar and Laura Stevens. The products are expected to be priced around $ 10, significantly lower than the bras sold by Victoria’s Secret,  one of the leading companies in the […]