Piers Morgan GRILLS Richard Branson for trying to overturn democratic process of Brexit

Speaking to the ITV host on Good Morning Britain, Mr Branson claimed Brexit will be a “disaster” for the UK and that Britons are “shooting themselves on the foot” voting to Leave.  But Piers Morgan grilled the arch-Remainer arguing he should feel uneasy about trying to overturn the democratic process of choosing to leave the […]

A throwaway comment in a conversation with Richard Branson hints at the future of Goldman Sachs (GS)

C-SPAN On Monday, Goldman Sachs announced that co-COO Harvey Schwartz would retire, setting the stage for David Solomon, his counterpart, to succeed Lloyd Blankfein as CEO. Reports suggest the transfer of power could come as soon as the end of this year. The position of Solomon, an unconventional Wall Street figure, as the heir apparent […]

Want to live on Necker Island? Virgin Mogul Richard Branson is on the hunt for new a PA

Are you growing tired of the dreary UK weather, the nine to five and long commute? Well, Virgin founder and multi-billionaire, Sir Richard Branson may have something up his sleeve: an exciting new job opportunity in paradise. He’s on the hunt for a new personal and administrative assistant – and anyone can apply for the […]

Richard Branson reveals plans for global Hyperloop high-speed transport system by 2021

Sir Richard Branson will bring a super fast hyper loop transport system to India, before rolling out a global high-speed transport system by 2021. Virgin Hyperloop One will test its technology in the country over the next few years ahead of launching a global working system by 2021. Passengers will be taken from Pune’s city […]

Richard Branson orders Virgin Trains to restock Daily Mail amid ‘censorship’ accusation

British tycoon Richard Branson has ordered Virgin Trains to restock the Daily Mail amid concerns that its decision last week to stop selling the paper had amounted to “censorship.” Virgin Trains last week announced it would stop supplying its customers with the right-wing tabloid as it “was not compatible with the VT brand and our […]

Conor McGregor faced off with Richard Branson in Ireland, stating: ‘He is no Sir on this soil’

Ethan Miller/Getty Images UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Virgin CEO Richard Branson had a play fight in front of a live audience on Wednesday. McGregor posted an image from the night on his Instagram account and told his followers that Branson is “no knighted Sir” in Ireland.   UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has given […]

13 books Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and other moguls think everyone should read

Ramin Talaie/Getty Images Many of the brightest minds in technology, entertainment, business, and philanthropy have said they owe their success to reading. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates reportedly reads 50 books a year. Oprah Winfrey has called reading “her personal path to freedom.” Gates and Winfrey, along with a number of other successful people, have made […]

How execs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson get more done in 24 hours than the rest of us

Ben Macmahon/AP The world’s top CEOs know that time management is a very crucial skill in business. Elon Musk divides his day into five minute “chunks” to optimize his busy schedule. Richard Branson has a rule that no meeting can go on for more than ten minutes. They also believe that having less time to work […]

Richard Branson explains what motivates him after 5 decades as an entrepreneur — and what he’d do if he had to start over

Fred Prouser Richard Branson is motivated by the possibility of transforming lives. He thinks that while a lot has changed a lot in fifty years, the key to creating a great business is finding a market that needs to be disrupted.   After five decades as an entrepreneur I’m often asked what motivates me and what I’d do if […]

Richard Branson remembers the time he let a helicopter drag him across Sydney Harbor by bungee cord for a publicity stunt — and nearly ran face-first into a bridge

Tony Woolliscroft/Getty In the following excerpt from “Finding My Virginity,” Richard Branson recounts his experience during one of Virgin Mobile’s publicity stunts. In 2000, he was tied to a helicopter by bungee cord and flew 100 feet below it across the Sydney Harbor. Mid-flight, he realized he was headed straight toward the side of the […]