TVLine Items: Bosch Adds Chris Vance, General Hospital Recast and More

Bosch is putting the Transporter in charge of its drug dealings: The Amazon drama has cast Chris Vance — who starred in the small-screen Transporter series — to recur during Season 5 as Dalton Walsh, the big boss of the opioid ring, our sister site Deadline reports. PHOTOSGrey’s Anatomy Doc to General Hospital * Apple has given a […]

Bosch and Foreca’s new service helps self-driving cars respond to changing road conditions

Driving in inclement weather is anything but easy for humans, and it’s equally tough for autonomous cars — Google spinoff Waymo’s prototypes saw snow for the first time this year. That’s why electronics company Bosch is partnering with Foreca, a Finnish weather forecasting provider, on a predictive road-condition service int…Read More

Bosch might just have solved the problem of diesel NOx emissions

Enlarge (credit: Bosch) Is there still a future for the diesel engine? According to Bosch, the answer is yes—this week the German company announced it had made a breakthrough by combining a number of existing technologies, which means that modern turbodiesel engines can still make good power and deliver excellent fuel efficiencies. At the same […]

Mercedes and Bosch will test self-driving taxis in a few months

Mercedes (or rather, its parent Daimler) and Bosch aren’t far off from making their self-driving taxis a practical reality… in a manner of speaking. Bosch chief Volkmar Denner has informed Automobilwoche that the two companies will put test vehicles on the road within a few months. He didn’t supply other details, but the mention provided […]

Bosch joins Intel, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, buys stake in mapping company Here

Enlarge On Thursday morning, Bosch announced that it is buying a five percent stake in the mapping and location services company Here. In doing so, it joins other shareholders Audi, BMW, Daimler-Benz, and Intel—the automakers having bought the company for $ 2.7 billion from Nokia in 2015, with Intel then buying a 15 percent stake […]

Nikola Motor Company and Bosch team up on long-haul fuel cell truck

Enlarge / This is what the Nikola Two will look like. (credit: Nikola Motor Company) Salt Lake City-based Nikola Motor Company and German auto components giant Bosch are teaming up to build the Nikola One and Nikola Two—a pair of hydrogen-electric, long-haul trucks that will compete with the handful of other low-emissions trucks and powertrains that […]

Bosch and TomTom map roads with radar for autonomous vehicles

Bosch and TomTom have come together to create high-resolution road maps based on radar signals. The product of the two companies’ collaboration, a system called “radar road signature,” is a move towards automated driving. To form the maps, radar signals transmitted by driving cars are used to collect billions of reflection points bouncing off of […]

Bosch to create radar road maps to position self-driving cars within an inch

Bosch will be teaming up with TomTom to create a new kind of high-resolution localized maps that incorporate a “radar road signature” generated by Bosch, which can help position cars in their surroundings to within a few centimeters (that’s less than an inch in Imperial terms). It supplements video data previously used for this purpose, […]

Prosecutor targets Bosch in Daimler diesel fraud investigation

FRANKFURT – German prosecutors investigating whether carmaker Daimler manipulated emission tests on its diesel cars are looking at whether auto components supplier Bosch was involved in the alleged fraud, it was confirmed on Friday. “There is an investigation into aiding and abetting fraud,” a spokesman for the Stuttgart prosecutor said about Bosch, following a media […]