FCC hopes opening up communication airwaves will boost innovation

Today, the FCC voted to move forward with a proposal to open up communications spectrum beyond 95 GHz. In a statement, it said that spectrum above this range has been thought to be at the edge of what’s usable, but now it wants to provide different levels of authorization to use the spectrum to, as […]

Apple cider vinegar can help boost digestion – nine other foods to improve gut health

Looking after your gut health is one of the most crucial ways of looking after health as a whole.  An upset in gut health can impact digestion and cause you a great deal of discomfort.  Speaking to NHS Choices, Dr Anton Emmanuel, a consultant gastroenterologist at University College Hospital in London said there’s a wide […]

Netflix deal provides a much-needed boost in the Middle East

Despite what it seems, Netflix isn’t a dominant force everywhere on the planet. In fact, it’s struggling in the Middle East and northern Africa — Netflix and Amazon combined represent 21 percent of the local subscription video space. The company is determined to get a leg up, however. It just forged its first partnership deal […]

Cancer Research boost: £45 million invested into most hard-to-treat types of the disease

CANCER Research UK is investing £45 million into finding a cure for some of the most hard-to-treat types of the disease. The money – one of the largest investments in clinical research to date – will be ploughed into human trials into pancreatic, oesophageal and lung cancer and brain tumours.

This Android keyboard is designed to boost girls’ self-confidence — here’s how it works

  The developers of Sheboard, a new keyboard application built for Android, want to make people more aware of the language they use about girls by serving up positive word alternatives to users while they’re texting.  The app was built by Plan International Finland, an organization that advocates for children’s rights and gender equality for […]