Punch Your Friends Through Buildings In Over-The-Top Brawler Fly Punch Boom!

If you know anything about Dragon Ball Z, you’re probably know it for the moments of mountain-shattering, world-cracking, energy-unleashing fighting. But beyond the actual licensed games, few games have attempted to capture the destruction and dynamic nature of those fights, besides a few freeware games and the charged punching action of Aces Wild. Fly Punch […]

Wall Street’s celebrating a boom in equity trading (JPM, C)

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid JPMorgan and Citigroup both announced first quarter earnings on Friday, with both beating solidly. Both had bumper first quarters in equity trading, with JPMorgan posting a record quarter for the business. Wall Street’s celebrating a bumper quarter in equity trading.  JPMorgan and Citigroup both announced first quarter earnings on Friday, with both beating […]

How to take advantage of the spring property market boom for buyers AND sellers

A recent trend for post-Christmas new year-new home marketing can’t compete with the more traditional spring sales boom, mostly because the evenings are getting longer giving prospective buyers more time to see properties in their true light. For sellers that means making sure their homes are clean and tidy inside and out, with a spot […]

Bay Area: Join us 4/11 to discuss the tech boom and the fate of democracy

Enlarge / UC Berkeley economics professor Brad DeLong is an expert on tech revolutions and long-term economic trends, as well as social democracy. (credit: Brad DeLong) Right now, the US tech economy is booming, but what will be the long-term effects of automation and AI? Are robots about to steal our jobs? Will Facebook throw […]

Boom time at Magic Millions sale

GUN stallion Spirit Of Boom has led this week’s Magic Millions March Yearling Sale on the Gold Coast to a result that has been described as the best-ever sale in Queensland breeding history. The sale is for horses qualified for the lucrative QTIS scheme and has generally been the domain of Queensland buyers only. But […]

TV Bits: ‘Family Guy’, ‘Sabrina’ ‘Camping’, ‘The Sinner’, ‘Valley of the Boom’, ‘Elvis Presley: The Searcher’

In this edition of TV bits: A sneak-peak at Family Guy‘s limited commercial episode Ross Lynch cast in Netflix’s Sabrina David Tennant joins Lena Dunham‘s new HBO show The Sinner gets a second season Bradley Whitford, Steve Zahn & Lamorne Morris cast in National Geographic limited-series A trailer and details for HBO’s new documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher   […]

The shale boom is 100 million years in the making

Reuters Volcanic eruptions from when  dinosaurs existed created the natural material shale producers now rely on. This started 100 million years ago. The great oil and gas formations that U.S. shale drillers thrive on have reportedly been traced back to volcanic eruptions from the time of the dinosaurs, over 100 million years ago. In the […]

Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes

Residents across Oklahoma and Texas were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a loud boom Tuesday afternoon. Many were left scratching their heads and watching the skies for the source of the explosive phenomenon. While the US Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in the region, the National Weather Services in Norman, Oklahoma […]