Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume slammed for 'mocking people born in wrong body'

Transgender organizations have lashed out at Caitlyn Jenner-themed Halloween costume insisting it makes “insensitive mockery” of people who underwent sex reassignment. Caitlyn Jenner, 68, formerly known as Bruce, rose to prominence in 1976 after taking gold in the men’s decathlon. In 2014, Jenner made the headlines after divorcing his wife Kris Jenner and coming out […]

Google Maps Street View 'dead body' mystery SOLVED – with this shocking discovery

Google Maps Street View often catches the funniest and the craziest images from across the globe. It has also captured some terrifying images, with a murderer being caught by the 360 cameras. Reddit users also discovered what appeared to be a dead man’s body in the back of a truck in Wilmington, North Carolina. Police […]